Current Affairs News Eye丨The first investigation and survey in the New Year, Xi Jinping pays attention to this major event at important historical nodes

  Four years ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping said that the Beijing Winter Olympics was a major landmark event at an important historical node in my country.

Four years later, 2021 is here, and 2022 is just around the corner. People are more and more understanding of the significance of this grand event to China, and more and more understand the importance of the General Secretary to the preparation of the Winter Olympics.

On January 18, Xi Jinping inspected the preparations for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing.

How are the preparations under the epidemic?

What kind of event will China present to the world?

The general secretary is concerned, and the world is also paying attention.

△ Schematic diagram of the inspection site on January 18

In the year of sprint, revisit the Capital Gymnasium

  On the morning of the 18th, General Secretary Xi Jinping first came to the Capital Gymnasium in Haidian District, Beijing, to learn about the construction of sports venues and the preparation of athletes for competition.

△Capital Gymnasium (Photo by E Jiefu, CCTV reporter)

  The Capital Gymnasium was built in 1968 and has been in operation for 53 years.

From witnessing the "Ping Pong Diplomacy" of "the small ball turns the big ball" in 1971, to becoming the main volleyball stadium of the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008, and to being selected as one of the "first batch of China's 20th century architectural heritage" in 2016, the Capital Gymnasium bears a heavy burden history.

  During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the Capital Gymnasium will host all short-track speed skating and figure skating competitions, resulting in 14 Winter Olympic gold medals.

△ Figure skating training scene (photographed by CCTV reporter Fan Yiming)

  At the inspection site, Zhao Hongbo, the head coach of the National Figure Skating Team, gave the general secretary a full explanation of figure skating.

In February 2017 and February 2019, the general secretary inspected the figure skating team training at the Capital Gymnasium and the National Winter Sports Training Center respectively. Zhao Hongbo was also on the scene.

△ Zhao Hongbo and Shen Xue won the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and completed the grand slam of figure skating.

(Photo by CCTV reporter Xing Bin)

  Zhao Hongbo told the "Current Affairs News Eye" that this time he mainly introduced the figure skating team's preparation plan for the year of the sprint to the general secretary, and also talked about new scientific and technological means to improve the training level.

Speaking of the impact of the epidemic on preparations, Zhao Hongbo said that the main reason is that the players' experience in international competitions has decreased.

If you can't see your competitors, you can only use the "imaginary enemy" method to train hard.

But he believes that as long as he goes all out, he can raise the five-star red flag on this field.

△A variety of training uniforms are displayed in the Capital Gymnasium, reflecting the design concept of "quick care and warm beauty".

This is a speed skating racing suit, which has been tested by wind tunnels with 56 types of competition suit structures and 122 types of drag-reducing fabrics. It is designed according to the characteristics of Chinese athletes' body shape and technical tactics.

(Photo by Fan Yiming, CCTV reporter)

△On the left are the competition clothes of double figure skating skaters Sui Wenjing and Han Cong. The two players won the "2020 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championship".

(Photo by Fan Yiming, CCTV reporter)

  When inspecting the preparations for the Winter Olympics 4 years ago, the general secretary emphasized that some venues should be used repeatedly, comprehensively, and lastingly.

In order to meet the training needs of short-track speed skating and figure skating competitions in the Winter Olympics, the Capital Gymnasium has undergone renovation and expansion. After renovation, the total construction area is 45,400 square meters and there are 15,200 spectator seats.

Taking into account the slow slope of the stands, which affects the viewing effect, this renovation specially arranges the seats in a way that the front and rear rows are misplaced.

△The Capital Gymnasium uses the latest sound and light technology to create the "most beautiful ice".

Laser projectors were placed at the four corners of the venue to project brilliant lights onto the giant screen on the top of the venue.

When the figure skater is dancing on the ice, it seems to be in a dream.

  The renovated Capital Gymnasium will continue to be used as a venue for sports and cultural activities to promote national fitness and promote ice and snow sports.

At the Beijing Winter Olympics preparation work symposium held 4 years ago, the general secretary pointed out that the concept of green, shared, open, and clean Olympics is the embodiment of the new development concept in the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and must be run through the preparations. The whole process of work.

△The national figure skating team members who were received by the general secretary that day.

(Provided by CCTV reporter Yang Zitong)

Visit the Yanqing competition area: "Crown Pearl" and "F1 Racing"

  On the afternoon of the 18th, the General Secretary came to the Yanqing competition area of ​​the Beijing Winter Olympics to investigate the two competition venues of the National Alpine Ski Center and the National Snowmobile Center, visiting and condolences to athletes, coaches, and representatives of the Yanqing competition area operation support team and builders.

△The Yanqing competition area is located in the Xiaohaituo Mountain area in the northwest of Beijing. The highest point is 2198 meters. It is the most difficult competition area for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

(Photo by CCTV reporter Peng Hanming)

  In February 2019, on the eve of the Spring Festival, Xi Jinping used video to connect with the venue builders in the Yanqing competition area to give them New Year greetings.

After two years, the general secretary visited the Yanqing competition area to "check and accept" the construction results.

△The ski trail system of the National Alpine Ski Center has 7 ski trails, 3 for competition and 4 for training, with a total length of 9.2 kilometers, of which the downhill track has a drop of nearly 900 meters.

(Photo by Yang Lifeng, CCTV reporter)

  The alpine skiing project is called "the jewel in the crown of the Winter Olympics".

The various projects of the National Alpine Ski Center were completed at the end of last year. All competition tracks have passed the certification of the International Ski Federation and have the conditions for running the competition.

△Wang Jisen, a member of the Chinese alpine skiing team, conducts slalom training at the competition site.

(Photographed by Li Jin, a reporter from China National Radio and Television Station)

  △The ropeway system consists of 9 ropeways and 2 tractions, with a total length of 10.3 kilometers. During the competition, the athletes can reach the starting point of each event from the Winter Olympic Village within 30 minutes.

(Photo by Li Jin, reporter from China National Radio and Television, and Shi Cheng, reporter from CCTV)

  Subsequently, the general secretary came to the National Snowmobile and Sled Center.

The snowmobile sled project is known as the "F1 racing car" in ice and snow sports.

Here will host all the snowmobiles, steel-framed snowmobiles, and sled events during the competition, resulting in 10 Winter Olympic gold medals.

△The National Snowmobile and Sled Center combines the natural terrain and shading design to develop a unique "terrain and climate protection system" that can effectively protect the track from the sun, wind and snow.

The entire track is like a dragon, flying above the ridge.

(Photo by CCTV reporter Cheng Cheng)

△Jubayi, a Kazakh sled rider from Xinjiang, is training.

(Photo by CCTV reporter Wang Pengfei and Guoguang reporter Li Jin)

  Sun Fan, the leader of the steel-frame snowmobile national training team, made an introduction to the general secretary at the end of the snowmobile track that afternoon.

This track is a semi-U-shaped concrete pouring structure with a length of about 1975 meters, which is formed at one time during pouring.

There are a total of 16 corners on the track, requiring millimeter-level accuracy.

  Sun Fan told "Current Affairs News Eye" that there are only 17 snowmobile sled tracks of this level in the world, and this track for the Beijing Winter Olympics is unique.

△Sun Fan, the leader of the steel frame snowmobile national training team (photographed by CCTV reporter Wang Hanan)

△Four people in the training of the snowmobile project (photo by CCTV reporter Wang Hanan)

Proclamation of New Year's inspection:

"China will fully fulfill every promise"

  For the first domestic inspection this year, Xi Jinping focused on the preparations for the Winter Olympics.

On the same day four years ago-January 18, 2017, Xi Jinping made his first foreign trip that year, and there was an itinerary that was closely related to this.

On the same day, Xi Jinping visited the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and met with IOC President Bach.

He said that preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a major task for China in the next few years.

△The sledge displayed at the National Snowmobile Sledge Center (photographed by CCTV reporter Yang Bo)

  On July 31, 2015, the International Olympic Committee voted to hand over the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics to Beijing.

Beijing has thus become the world's first "Double Olympic City".

Since the successful bid to host the Winter Olympics, General Secretary Xi Jinping has listened to reports on the preparations for many times.

In January 2017, February 2017, and January 2019, he made three field trips to the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

  "Current Affairs News Eye" found that General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized the same sentence on multiple occasions-"China will fully fulfill every promise."

△The national alpine ski team prepares to take the cable car to the training track.

(Photographed by Li Jin, a reporter from China National Radio and Television Station)

  On the morning of July 31, 2015, just before the IOC vote, Xi Jinping addressed the IOC members via video.

He stated that China will fully fulfill every commitment and implement the "Olympic 2020 Agenda" in all aspects.

  In August 2015 and August 2017, Xi Jinping said in two meetings with the President of the International Olympic Committee Bach: China will fully honor every commitment in the process of bidding for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and contribute to the world. Extraordinary and remarkable Winter Olympics.

  On February 1, 2019, when Xi Jinping paid a visit to the staff and volunteer representatives of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, Xi Jinping said that we must be faithful to our words and deeds to fulfill our solemn promises to the world.

△The rescue team of the National Alpine Ski Center is practicing.

(Photo by CCTV reporter Yang Lifeng and Guoguang reporter Li Jin)

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought huge uncertainty to the hosting of major global events.

On September 22 last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping said at a forum of representatives of experts in the field of education, culture, health and sports that it is necessary to properly deal with the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and coordinate the work of the Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The general secretary requested high-quality preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics to achieve the goal of hosting exciting games and winning the competition.

  In the first domestic inspection in 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping looked at the Winter Olympic venues, watched the preparations for the competition, and watched the operational guarantees, declaring to the world a clear signal that China will continue to advance the preparations for the Winter Olympics and fully fulfill every promise.

△National Snowmobile Center (Photo by Duan Dewen, CCTV reporter)

△The starting point of the snowmobile sled track (photographed by CCTV reporter Li Hui)

If sports are strong, China will be strong, and national sports will flourish


The year 2022 is exactly the time node for achieving the first 100-year goal.

The general secretary said that the Beijing Winter Olympics is a major landmark event at an important historical node in my country, and an important opportunity to showcase the country's image, promote national development, and invigorate the national spirit.

He emphasized that it is necessary to integrate sports undertakings into the plan to realize the "two centenary" goals.

  One year later, the Beijing Winter Olympics will begin soon.

This is the loud horn of the Chinese people on their dream journey.

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