Cologne (dpa / lnw) - At Cologne / Bonn Airport, customs officers discovered two small dogs in a sports bag.

A 24-year-old Dutch woman tried to smuggle in the dwarf lace from Turkey last Wednesday.

As the main customs office announced on Tuesday, the woman passed the exit for goods not requiring registration and was stopped and checked there by customs officials.

"After the travelers had already placed their luggage on the conveyor belt of our X-ray system, a colleague noticed that something was moving in a sports bag," reported a spokesman for the main customs office.

"When opening the hiding place, two dwarf spikes came to light."

The woman said she had bought the dogs for 3300 euros in Turkey.

Criminal tax proceedings were initiated against them.

In addition to the import duties for the animals of almost 630 euros, she also had to pay 700 euros security deposit for the pending procedure.

She could take the two dogs with her.


Customs press release