China News Service, Yantai, January 19 (Yang Bing and Wang Jiaoni) On January 19, the emergency rescue headquarters of the Wushan Gold Mine explosion accident in Qixia, Shandong further optimized its working ideas and clarified the "3+1" overall rescue plan. "3" means : Life maintenance monitoring channel (bore 1 and 3), life rescue channel (wellbore and borehole 10), drainage guarantee channel (bore 7 and 8); "1" means: auxiliary detection channel (4 No., No. 6, and No. 9 drill holes).

  At present, there are a total of 10 drill holes at the rescue site, of which No. 2 drill hole was stuck due to the broken zone, and No. 5 drill hole could not be corrected due to a deviation of 7.3 meters.

On January 19th, the rescue of the explosion accident at the Hushan Gold Mine in Qixia, Shandong was underway.

Photo by Yang Bing

Latest progress in rescue

  As of 12:00 on January 19, the latest progress of the rescue is as follows:

  Life maintenance monitoring channel: No. 1 borehole continues to detect, and there is no information temporarily; No. 3 borehole maintains unblocked communication and supplies. At 7:31 on the 19th, the monitoring personnel confirmed by telephone with the underground that the trapped persons are in good condition.

At 9:02 on the 19th, 55 bottles of nutrient solution, 13 bottles of millet porridge, 1 bottle of probiotics, and 1 thermometer were delivered. At the same time, items such as insulation blankets, message papers and wet wipes were delivered.

  Life rescue channel: the depth of the wellbore is 350 meters; the No. 10 borehole is used as a rescue escape channel, and the site is being leveled, striving to start drilling as soon as possible.

  Drainage protection channel: No. 7 borehole has a footage of 28 meters; No. 8 borehole design is completed, waiting for the leveling of the site.

  Auxiliary detection channel: used to search for missing persons. No. 4 borehole has a footage of 555 meters, No. 6 borehole has a footage of 480 meters, and No. 9 borehole has a footage of 9 meters.

  There were 16 professional rescue teams and 1 fire rescue team, with 589 rescuers and 388 sets of rescue equipment.

The Rescue Command clarified the "3+1" overall rescue plan, using the wellbore and No. 10 borehole as life rescue channels.

Photo by Yang Bing

Speed ​​up the progress of wellbore clearance

  At present, the life rescue channel has great difficulties, mainly at a location 350 away from the wellhead, where serious blockages are encountered, and air supply and drainage pipelines, power supply communication cables, etc. are intertwined and superimposed.

The construction space in the shaft is narrow and the cross-section of the cage is small, making it extremely difficult to clear the obstacles.

  Focusing on improving the speed of wellbore clearing, the headquarters adjusted the wellbore clearing plan, adding two stable vehicles, using a three-layer disk layout, the upper disk is used as a protection disk, the lower two disks are used as working disks, small debris is lifted by a cage, and large The sundries are directly lifted by the hook head. After the plan is implemented, the lifting speed and safety will be greatly improved.

  It is difficult to clean up the obstacles on the shaft wall restricting the lowering of the suspension plate. The rescuers are pushing forward with all efforts. The equipment and facilities such as the stabilizer and the overhead wheel, wire rope, bucket, and suspension plate have been installed. The wellhead lock beam has been removed, which affects the lowered shaft of the suspension plate. The upper obstacles are basically cleared, and the hanging pan has been lowered 210 meters away from the wellhead.

Air ducts, cables and signal cables are being erected.

The physical strength of underground miners gradually recovered

  Medical experts in psychology, nutrition, orthopedics, trauma, neurosurgery, etc. were gathered at the accident site.

There are 25 ambulances and more than 80 ambulance personnel on standby.

The rescue designated Qixia City People's Hospital and Qixia City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine as designated treatment hospitals, and Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital as the intensive care transfer hospital.

  On the evening of January 18, the trapped miners reported by phone that they wanted to eat pickles, millet porridge, ham and other foods.

Taking into account that the miners have just recovered their physical strength and should not eat hard food, medical experts decided to put in nutrient solution, millet porridge, probiotics and other foods at 9 o'clock on the 19th.

At the same time, a compressed insulation blanket was put in to keep the miners in the underground insulate.

In order to boost the confidence of the trapped miners, psychologists are also specially arranged to provide psychological counseling to the miners to avoid feelings of pessimism, impatience, and loss.

  In the next step, after experts from the National Health Commission arrive, the medical assistance plan will be re-optimized to learn more about the physical condition of each trapped miner, establish a separate health file, clarify what food to take, what medicine to use, and improve physical recovery. Sex.