Brussels / Bremen (dpa / lni) - According to media reports, the Bremen-based space company OHB was not taken into account when the order was placed for the new generation of the European navigation satellite Galileo.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reported that the Franco-German Airbus Group and the Italian-French Thales Alenia Space were to be awarded the contract to build twelve satellites with an order volume of more than 1 billion euros.

The "Handelsblatt" also reported that the decision had been made, but that there was still no official confirmation.

Airbus did not want to comment on the reports upon request.

OHB also did not issue a statement on Tuesday.

There is still no communication from the European space agency ESA, according to OHB.

The listed company had won three tender rounds since 2010 and was commissioned by ESA to develop, build and test a total of 34 Galileo satellites.

22 of them are already in space.

According to media reports, the EU Commission will not officially announce its decision until the end of January.