Thirteen undeclared roads and prefectures urge the government to target a wide range of regions and businesses regarding lump-sum payments to be paid to business partners of restaurants that are open in a short time due to the state of emergency. I did.

In response, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama said, "I would like to consider this while embodying the system."

The government is subject to a 50% or more reduction in sales to business partners of restaurants and businesses affected by refraining from going out, which have shortened their business in areas where a state of emergency or similar measures have been taken. The policy is to provide a lump sum of up to 400,000 yen for small and medium-sized enterprises and up to 200,000 yen for sole proprietors, and we are currently considering the details of the system.

Thirteen roads and prefectures, including Kochi and Hokkaido, for which no state of emergency has been declared, summarized urgent requests, and the governor of the representative explained them to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama in a video conference format.

Among these, areas where no state of emergency has been declared are also subject to lump-sum payments, the effects of refraining from going out are widely recognized, and payments that are "a decrease of 50% or more in sales" are provided. We are demanding that the requirements be relaxed.

In response, Minister Kajiyama said, "We will take the request firmly. We would like to consider the details of the requirements while embodying the system, taking into account today's request. The national and local governments will work together as a region and business operator. It is important to take detailed measures according to the situation. "