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5,000 people in quarantine due to ski trip Belgian woman

Because of "an innocent ski trip" by a woman in the Belgian town of Edegem, about five thousand fellow countrymen now have to quarantine, according to Edegem mayor, Koen Metsu.

Several Belgian media write that.

The woman went on a skiing holiday abroad during the Christmas holidays.

There she contracted the British variant of the corona virus.

She infected her daughter in Belgium, who in turn infected two fellow students, writes 

De Morgen

According to the mayor, the woman did not comply with quarantine rules after she returned from her vacation.

The result is now that the primary school in Edegem where the girl is attending has to close for a week.

All 550 children and 50 school staff are tested.

They and their family members must remain in quarantine for a week.

The municipality of Edegem is located directly south of Antwerp.

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British health minister in self-isolation after notification in app

British Health Minister Matt Hancock went into self-isolation today after receiving a report from the British version of the CoronaMelder app.

The minister says he will stay in his house until Sunday.

"This self-isolation is perhaps the most important part of social distancing, because I know through the app that I have had direct contact with someone who has tested positive," he says in a video on Twitter.


Last night I was alerted by the @ NHSCOVID19app to self isolate so I'll be staying at home & not leaving at all until Sunday. We all have a part to play in getting this virus under control.


Avatar Author Matt Hancock Moment of places 09:26 - 19 January 2021

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'One in three students gives insufficient life due to the corona crisis'

One in three students gives their own life during the corona crisis a serious fail.

But despite the great impact of the crisis, they want to help solve corona-related problems.

This is reported by the Interurban Student Consultation (ISO), which has conducted research among more than 7,500 students.

"Part-time jobs, sports and social activities are disappearing and our hands are itching to be able to make a positive contribution to this corona crisis. We see that major problems arise among students and we would like to be part of the solution ourselves," said Martijn Janse, one of the initiators of the research.

For example, students could carry out projects in the service of the municipalities to solve corona-related bottlenecks.

One of those bottlenecks is the difficulty students have in attending education from a student house, mainly due to the lack of a quiet place to study.

More than half say they recognize this.

"This can be solved by setting up empty buildings such as restaurants and theaters as study places. Use students to find and furnish those places. They are eager to spend their free time useful, says Dahran Çoban, president of the Interurban Student Consultation.

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Number of new corona infections in Germany is rising again

The number of new corona infections in Germany has increased over the past 24 hours.

In the days before that, there had been a decrease.

The Robert Koch-Institut (RKI), the German counterpart of the RIVM, reports 11,369 new infections on Tuesday morning.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, there were around 18,500, 14,000 and 7,000 cases respectively.

This decline has come to an end with Tuesday's figures.

Germany passed the mark of two million infections on Friday.

The coronavirus has been diagnosed in a total of 2,052,028 people in Germany.

At least 989 people died of COVID-19 in Germany in the past 24 hours.

The death toll is now 47,622 people.

Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet with the sixteen state prime ministers on Tuesday about stricter corona measures.

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Almost a quarter fewer kidney and liver transplants due to corona pandemic

Due to the corona pandemic, a quarter fewer kidney and liver transplants were performed last year than in 2019, according to preliminary figures from the Dutch Transplantation Foundation (NTS).

In 2020 this involved 390 kidney and liver transplants, compared to 523 in the previous year.

According to the NTS, this is because the program with living donors was temporarily shut down during the first wave.

This was done to prevent infections of donors and recipients in the hospital.

In addition, there were fewer kidney transplants last year because much non-acute care was postponed.

The number of transplants with organs from deceased donors fell last year by 4 percent to 733. In the previous year, this involved 770 transplants.

The number of people on the organ donation waiting list has decreased from 1,271 in 2019 to 1,257 by the end of 2020.

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Colombia to expel foreign participants in illegal parties

Foreigners caught in Colombia at illegal parties will be expelled from the country.

The Colombian immigration service warns against this.

Due to the corona pandemic, social gatherings have also been banned in the South American country.

The harsh measure was taken after 65 foreigners, especially Venezuelans, were arrested at an illegal party.

The arrests took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the Colombian capital Bogota.

A senior immigration official announced after the arrests that he "will not allow a foreigner to endanger public health".

Colombia is home to some 1.7 million Venezuelans who have left their country due to the economic malaise and authoritarian rule of President Nicolás Maduro's left-wing government.

The mayor of Bogota has announced that a curfew will apply from Tuesday.

This weekend, a lockdown will be in effect for the third week in a row to halt the increase in the number of corona infections in the city.

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Research: Learning disadvantages become too great with longer lockdowns

A large majority of teachers expect growing problems for students if primary schools have to remain closed for longer, writes the


on the basis of research by DUO Education Research & Advice among more than a thousand primary school



For example, one in three teachers has already noticed that it is becoming more difficult to keep all students engaged through digital education.

A majority of primary school teachers (61 percent) are concerned about the consequences for students if the schools do not reopen until after spring break.

It then becomes even more difficult to make up for the accumulated learning delay.

It is also becoming more difficult to give appropriate school advice to children in group 8.

Many teachers already see that children struggle with mental problems, physical complaints and stagnation in social-emotional development, according to the newspaper.

Home education is mainly at the expense of the weak pupils, say 77 percent of teachers.

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Travel restrictions for EU, UK and Brazil for United States continue to apply

Joe Biden's team emphasizes that they do not intend to lift travel restrictions for foreigners who have been to Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the EU in the last two weeks.

On the contrary, Biden wants to introduce stricter rules for international travelers.

Just an hour ago, the White House said Trump wanted to lift travel restrictions.

These would no longer apply from January 26.

It seems with the response from Biden's team that the decision will be reversed immediately after the inauguration.

Travel restrictions for people from the European Union, the United Kingdom and Ireland have been in place since March last year.

Brazil has also been included since May.

Because of this, foreigners who had been in those countries in the last two weeks were not allowed to enter the US.

The American government hoped in this way to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

On the advice of our medical team, the Administration does not intend to lift these restrictions on 1/26.

In fact, we plan to strengthen public health measures around international travel in order to further mitigate the spread of COVID-19.


Avatar Author Jen Psaki Moment of Places 00:15 - 19 January 2021

yesterday at 11:27 PM

Trump scraps travel restrictions for travelers from the European Union and Brazil

US President Donald Trump wants to reopen the borders to foreigners who have been in the European Union, Brazil, Ireland or the United Kingdom in the last two weeks.

The White House has confirmed that those restrictions will no longer be in effect as of January 26.

The Americans also considered lifting the restrictions in November.

There is now also broad support for this among health officials.

On January 26, a negative corona test for travel to the US will be mandatory for all travelers.

Travel restrictions for people from the European Union, the United Kingdom and Ireland have been in place since March last year.

Brazil has also been included since May.

Because of this, foreigners who had been in those countries in the last two weeks were not allowed to enter the US.

The American government hoped in this way to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Due to the travel restrictions, many US airlines have run into problems.

The companies last week asked the government to lift the restrictions.

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CPNB: Sales of local bookstores doubled in a few days after call

Local bookstores saw their turnover almost double in recent days compared to earlier during the lockdown.

This confirms the CPNB book umbrella following reports in the 

Haarlems Dagblad


This rise in online book sales through brick-and-mortar stores appears to be the effect of a campaign the book industry started last week to save small bookstores.

(Read more



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The most important corona news of Monday, January 18.


  • The

    first nursing home

    residents and people with intellectual disabilities in institutions were

    vaccinated against COVID-19




    This week, about fifteen thousand people are expected to receive their first injection.


    about 75,000 health care workers

    vaccinated in the Netherlands.

  • On

    Wednesday morning,


    cabinet will

    again discuss a possible introduction of the



    Justice and police are already ready for the curfew, but neither the security regions nor the House of Representatives have decided yet.

  • A third of the 407 detainees in the

    penitentiary institution

    (PI) in Ter Apel have tested positive for the corona virus, the Custodial Institutions Service (DJI) announced on Monday.

  • The

    tuberculosis vaccine

    (the BCG vaccine) does not protect vulnerable people aged 60 and over against COVID-19.

    This is evident from the first results of a large-scale study on Monday, in which twenty Dutch hospitals took part.

  • Ernst Kuipers

    , chairman of the National Acute Care Network (LNAZ), argued at a press conference on Monday for a 


    of the corona measures, including the introduction of a curfew.

  • In the past 24 hours,

    4,822 positive corona tests have

    been reported to the RIVM.

    That is again less than the average for the past seven days (5,630).


  • Hospitals in 

    London will

    start a trial at the end of this month in which people are vaccinated against COVID-19 24 hours a day.

    In this way, the British government hopes to be able to vaccinate residents more quickly.

  • The

    27 EU government leaders

    spoke in a video conference on Monday about whether or not to grant more freedom to travel for people who have received a vaccination against COVID-19.

  • Very old and sick Norwegians who died after receiving a Pfizer / BioNTech corona vaccine probably did not die as a result of the inoculation.

    Health authorities in


    have found no link, it was reported on Monday.

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