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January 18, 2021: During the attack on Congress on January 6, a woman stole a laptop from Nancy Pelosi's office and expressed her intention to sell it to Russia.

The accusation is contained in a deed published by the FBI regarding the investigation against Riley June Williams, a 22-year-old from Pennsylvania who participated in the assault of Congress who, according to the report, would have managed to escape.

The act of the FBI was announced by the journalist Kyle Cheney, of Politico:

Photos show that the woman, Riley Williams, was in the Capitol near Pelosi's office during the riot.

A witness believed to be a former romantic interest said friends showed him a video of Williams discussing plans to sell device to Russian intel.

https://t.co/mJwjcShEDi pic.twitter.com/ZQpQzjomHG

- Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) January 18, 2021

"According to local police, Williams' mother said her daughter packed her suitcase and left saying she would be gone for a couple of weeks," the statement said. 'Fbi, shot by Politico, which states that a witness claims to have seen a video of Williams "taking a computer or hard drive from the office of the Democratic Speaker".

And that the woman allegedly said she "wanted to send the computer to a friend in Russia to sell it to the SVR, the Russian secret services".

"The story is still under investigation", conclude by the FBI, which recently published the mugshots of the wanted people for the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6

The #FBI needs you to help us identify individuals who unlawfully entered the US Capitol and assaulted law enforcement officers on January 6. Visit https://t.co/hkcBlo0brL to see a new poster with more people.

If you recognize someone, submit a tip at https://t.co/buMd8vYXzH.


- FBI (@FBI) January 16, 2021