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  • US prosecutor summons Donald Trump Jr to shed light on alleged abuse of funds

  • Usa, the House approves Trump's impeachment procedure

  • Donald Trump is off social media.

    After Twitter and Facebook, YouTube also suspends it


January 18, 2021 Donald Trump would be ready to pardon or commute the sentence of 100 people next January 19, the last day in the White House on the eve of the inauguration of elected President Joe Biden.

The news was released by CNN, which explains that among them there would be white-collar workers, important rappers and perhaps even his lawyer Rudolph Giuliani and Steve Bannon.

In the list there would also be preventive graces to the family of the outgoing president, while the list 

would not include Trump


The New York Times has been dealing with the matter for a few days, claiming that many of Trump's friends are receiving money to have the president's forgiveness.

According to the newspaper, there are "real fees paid to people close to the tycoon to have access to the President and be pardoned or have their sentence commuted".

A market that has led to the acceptance by the White House of 41 requests for forgiveness "apparently paid in gold" in the last few weeks.

The New York Times also mentions names, such as former campaign manager Paul Manafort, and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn;

Former strategic adviser

Steve Bannon

, and Trump's personal lawyer,

Rudolph Giuliani


"A former Trump campaign manager - claims the US newspaper - would have been paid $ 50,000 to try to get pardoned by

John Kiriakou

, a former CIA official convicted of illegally disclosing top secret information".

The newspaper names 

Brett Tolman

, a former Federal White House consultant attorney who specializes in giving the president advice on who to forgive and who not.

"An activity thanks to which he collected thousands of dollars for every request for pardon landed on the desk of the Oval Office. A treasure, continues the newspaper, which increased if the request was accepted, as in the case of the son of a former senator of the Arkansas,

Tim Hutchinson

, convicted of corruption and tax fraud. "This happened in other cases of scam, such as the founder of the Silk Road site, which specializes in online drug sales, and among lobbyists which included one of the former personal lawyers of Trump, John M. Dowd, "concludes the New York Times.