Norwegian ski star Therese Johaug sticks to the experience of previous World Championships and does not intend to compete in the Oberstdorf World Championships double post.

Until a year ago, Johaug told the news agency NTB that he was “absolutely interested” in the double message of the World Cup.

- There is a completely different mood in a double message than in normal trips, and my experience with it is thin.

The team has better double skiers than me, Johaug explained.

In his endurance condition, a pair could be a worthy race, but Johaug hasn’t even tried it at the World Cup.

Johaug plans to ski on the German World Championships on February 27, the freestyle skiing ten on March 2, the post on March 4 and the traditional skiing 30 kilometers on March 6.

At the World Championships in Skiing in Seefeld, Austria in 2019, he won three personal gold medals and a silver medal.