Berlin (dpa / bb) - Soldiers of the Bundeswehr are now also helping with the corona rapid tests in the Berlin nursing homes.

The State Secretary for the Health Administration, Barbara König, announced on Monday.

“Last week the Chancellor approached the municipalities and the federal states with the idea of ​​using Bundeswehr soldiers for rapid tests in the homes.

We were happy to take up that and very quickly, ”said König in the health committee of the House of Representatives.

Up to 200 soldiers are to be deployed across Berlin.

"We started today at 153," said the State Secretary.

The soldiers are allowed to carry out the rapid tests themselves, for example for visitors. Bundeswehr soldiers have been deployed in Berlin nursing homes since December. König announced that they should also help improve protection against infection in the homes in other areas: For example, if corona cases occur, they should mark affected living areas, if necessary help out when moving or when handing out disinfectants to staff help. In addition, the soldiers should relieve the nursing staff by taking over the ventilation in the residential areas and common rooms.