The author Sinikka Nopola, who died last week, was a prolific writer.

Nopola, who lived to be 67, published about 80 works.

The best known of these are the Hay Hat and Vilttitossu series and the Risto Räppääjä series, which he wrote with his sister Tiina Nopola.

- He was very hard-working until the end, says WSOY publisher Anna-Riikka Carlson.

Sinikka Nopola, who died of a serious illness, missed the novel.

Its working name was Competent Man.

The book had time to be pre-advertised in WSOY's book catalog and in the audio and e-book service BookBeat.

Author Sinikka Nopola changed Finnish children's literature. Photo: Leena Koskela

The book, according to the list, was an exhilarating account that had grown decent.

“Why does a person who has reached adulthood bounce to be able to give his place on the bus?

Why does he treat himself like a schoolboy with bedtime times?

Who has deceived him into being decent, always qualified? ”

- The book was interrupted when Sinikka fell ill, says WSOY publisher Anna-Riikka Carlson.

- We had time to design it, but the book is so unfinished that it cannot be published.

Carlson says plans for the book were far behind.

In Sinikka Nopola's versatile production, the book would have been something new.

- The book was waiting for better times, which did not come, Anna-Riikka Carlson says.

- Everyone kept hoping that he would get home and get to write and come on different days.

We communicated the rumors about what the outdoors looks like and how he can.

Sinikka Nopola's last novel A Qualified Man Missed. Photo: Heli Blåfield

Sinikka Nopola's changed life situation did not have time to appear in the unfinished novel.

- There were plans for the disease to appear in the book, but there is no such text, Anna-Riikka Carlson says.

Sinikka Nopola worked on many projects until the end.

- Personally, I didn't want to feel like we were in a hurry with the script, Anna-Riikka Carlson says.

Sinikka Nopola died of a serious illness on Wednesday 13 January.

In Helsinki.

Nopola began his career as a journalist at Helsingin Sanomat and became a freelance writer and journalist in 1985 at the age of 31, for fear of being breaded.

His first book collection of short stories, Tea Bags, was published in 1987. A lot of humor characteristic of Nopola was found in the collection of short stories.

Nopola’s production includes more than 80 books, numerous plays and film scripts, refuges, essays, auditions and musicals.