Hamburg (dpa / lno) - The government factions of the SPD and the Greens are calling for citizens to be included in the planning for the redesign of Hamburg Central Station and its surroundings at an early stage.

In a joint application submitted on Monday for the next citizenship meeting, the Senate is requested to involve the public in a dialogue process and then to present the results to the jury of the upcoming implementation competition.

"We want to ensure from the outset that the whole city can bring its perspective to the renovation of the main station," said the SPD's transport policy spokesman, Ole Thorben Buschhüter.

His Green colleague Gerrit Fuß pointed out that the main train station for Hamburg does not only play an important role as a transport hub.

"It is located on the museum mile, forms the transition between the city and St. Georg and has always been a meeting point for a wide variety of people," he said.

"These diverse needs must be taken into account when redesigning the area around the main station."

Buschhüter also said that the main station has been Hamburg's calling card for over 100 years.

"Over 500,000 travelers use the main station daily for local and long-distance transport, and the trend is increasing."

In order to be able to cope with the high passenger numbers in a further expanded network in the future, the city and Deutsche Bahn have started plans to expand the main station.

A so-called urban development and open space planning competition is to be carried out this year.