Fifteen people are still in custody because of Sunday's illegal demonstration on Museumplein in Amsterdam.

They are suspected of open violence, police reported in the night from Sunday to Monday.

A total of 143 people were arrested.

The rest of the detainees were released later on Sunday.

Their cases have been transferred to the Public Prosecution Service (OM).

About two thousand people attended the prohibited demonstration against the cabinet and the current policy.

A large number of them refused to respond to repeated calls from the police to leave the square.

The riot police then took action to drive the activists off the square.

According to the municipality, there were rioters among the protesters who "clearly wanted the confrontation".

The group of approximately 200 to 250 people, among other things, removed stones from the street and threw them at police officers.

Some of them wore fighting gloves and carried melee weapons and fireworks.

The demonstration was canceled because organizer Michel Reijinga could not agree with the municipality of Amsterdam about the location of the protest.

The municipality gave permission for a demonstration with 500 people in the Westerpark.

However, this number was too small, according to Reijinga.

The demonstrators gathered on Museumplein around 1.45 pm.

Shortly afterwards, the municipality issued an emergency order for the square and the surrounding area.

By the beginning of the evening, the situation was under control, police said.


Water cannon and charges put an end to illegal demonstration on Museumplein