As the spread of Corona 19 from US military bases in Yongsan continued, US forces in Korea issued a'home waiting order' for Yongsan and Pyeongtaek bases.

According to the USFK Twitter today (17th), the USFK Command has issued instructions to personnel related to the Yongsan and Pyeongtaek bases to stay at home from yesterday until 11:59 pm, except for some essential activities.

Accordingly, all relevant personnel living inside or outside the Yongsan and Pyeongtaek bases must stay at their homes except for emergency situations, essential mission-related activities, purchase of food and necessities, and walks in the area adjacent to the residence.

If it is unavoidable, you can go out with the approval of a colonel-level commander or equivalent civilian commander.

According to the USFK Command, five additional personnel working at the Yongsan US military base, including two USFK military personnel, two American military personnel, and one Korean military personnel, were tested positive for Corona 19 on the 15th.

(Photo = USFK Twitter screen capture, Yonhap News)