About 3.5 million people have been vaccinated in the UK, with about half of the elderly people aged 80 and over in England get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The UK plans to gradually ease the COVID-19 containment measures starting in March by significantly expanding its vaccination capabilities, including opening 10 additional large-scale vaccine centers.

According to Sky News, 10 additional large vaccination centers will open on the 18th in England, UK.

Conference halls such as the Olympic Office Center in North London and the International Center in Bournemouth, racetracks, and sports stadiums are used as vaccine centers.

Vaccines are given priority to seniors aged 80 and over who live within 45 minutes by car from these vaccine centers.

641,000 people have already been informed of vaccination, and an additional vaccination guide will be given to 380,000 this weekend and 500,000 next week.

Prior to this, seven large vaccine centers had already been put into operation in London and elsewhere.

Separately, vaccination is provided in 250 large hospitals, 1,000 regional health practitioners (GP) hospitals, and 200 pharmacies.

As of the 15th, 355,179 people in the UK received the first dose of the vaccine.

447,000,261 people have already completed the second dose.

As of the 16th, the cumulative number of corona19 cases in the UK was 3,373,631, and vaccinations surpassed the cumulative number for the first time.

In England, it is estimated that about half of those aged 80 and over, or 45%, have already been vaccinated.

Daily Telegraph reports that the UK government has set a goal to speed up vaccination and inoculate 54 million adults over the age of 18 by the end of June.

Telegraph said the UK government believes that it will be able to achieve its goal with the capacity to inoculate 4 to 5 million people a week within a few months.

As the number of confirmed cases slows and the number of vaccinations increases, the UK government is hoping to ease the blockade from March.

British Foreign Minister Dominic Rab appeared on Sky News, saying, "I want to get out of the full blockade as soon as possible." "By early spring, we expect to make this decision by March."

However, he explained that the easing of the containment measures will be carried out in stages.

The Sunday Times, the Sunday edition of the Daily The Times, said that the government has agreed to ease the blockade by region, taking into account the Corona 19 mortality rate, the size of hospitalized patients, and the current status of vaccinations aged 50 to 70.

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