The police arrested 115 people on Sunday who were present at the illegal demonstration on the Museumplein in Amsterdam.

It is estimated that around 2,000 people attended the rally against the cabinet and current policies, some of whom repeatedly refused to heed the call to leave the square.

The riot police then took action to drive the activists off the square.

"Action was necessary because of public health, great concerns about the spread of the corona virus and an imminent disruption of public order", according to the municipality of Amsterdam.

According to the municipality, among the group of protesters was a group of rioters who "clearly wanted the confrontation".

The group, which included an estimated 200 to 250 people, took stones from the street and threw them at police officers.

A number of them carried fighting gloves, melee weapons and fireworks.

The police made 115 arrests during the disturbances, a spokesperson told

Seven people were arrested for open assault, in all other cases it concerned non-compliance with a police order.

The suspects are still locked up on Sunday evening.

Demonstrators violated emergency warrant and measures

The demonstration was initially canceled because organizer Michel Reijinga could not agree with the municipality about the location of the protest.

The municipality gave permission for a demonstration with 500 people in the Westerpark.

Because, according to Reijinga, more people were planning to come to the protest, he decided to pull the plug.

"This also removes my responsibility as an organizer," said Reijinga earlier.

Despite the ban, about two thousand demonstrators still gathered on Museumplein around 1.45 pm.

The municipality issued an emergency order at 2 p.m. for the Museumplein and the immediate vicinity, and called on the protesters to leave the square several times, who did not respond.

In addition, they "increasingly" violated the corona measures, according to the municipality.

The riot police were eventually deployed to end the protest.

Among other things, a water cannon was used to drive the protesters off the square.

The police action led to a few more riots in the streets around the square, but by the beginning of the evening, the situation was under control, the municipality said.


Water cannon and charges put an end to illegal demonstration on Museumplein