The Helsinki Stock Exchange's Santa Claus rally took place in November this year, as the stock exchange's general index rose moderately to less than two per cent in December after a nearly 12 per cent jump in vaccine optimism in November.

The portfolio of favorite stocks monitored by Taloussanomat and the news agency Startel rose more than the general index in December, by almost four per cent.

In euros, the value of the portfolio, which originally amounted to EUR 10,000, increased by approximately EUR 440.

Stockmann, which is undergoing corporate restructuring, bounced the most out of the companies in the portfolio consisting of the most household-owned shares, ie more than 35 per cent.

The department store group presented its restructuring proposal in the middle of the month.

The proposal includes the sale of department store properties and debt relief.

The restructuring program looks pleasing to investors, even if, after the debt cuts, the current owners would be left with 47 percent of the company’s ownership.

In euros, the steel producer Outokumpu supported the value of the portfolio the most.

The value of the Outokumpu holding in the portfolio increased by 25 percent in December, or almost EUR 125.

It was the result of a positive earnings warning issued by the company in the middle of the month.

According to Outokumpu, the stainless steel market has recovered stronger than expected from the interest rate crisis.

Among the companies in the portfolio, the forestry companies UPM, Stora Enso and Metsä Board also clearly strengthened.

Shares were supported by rising pulp prices in Asia, propping up the results of the forest trio.

At the top of the portfolio were Nokia (-5.9%) and Nordea (-6.7%), which had their strategy days before Christmas.

Corona year for one roller coaster

Taloussanomat started following the imaginary portfolio in the autumn of 2019, when 10,000 euros were “invested” in the portfolio at once.

Last year, the portfolio of favorite stocks was a wild roller coaster.

At the beginning of last year, the value of the portfolio was 11,000 euros on the right side and rose to almost 12,000 euros in January, but then a rapidly spreading coronavirus was found in Wuhan, China.

The Chinese epidemic escalated into a pandemic in March and the value of the portfolio then plummeted 17.4 percent to € 8,800.

However, the portfolio survived the year with dry feet, and during the year the portfolio grew by more than nine percent, or about a thousand euros to more than 12,000 euros.

The top company in the Finnish economy, Neste, which enjoys strong earnings growth in renewable fuels, rose the most.

The value of Neste's shares in the portfolio increased by more than 90 percent during the year, ie by almost EUR 500 to more than one thousand euros.

The weakest performing share last year was Stockmann.

The share of the Coroner Sufferer fell by almost 45 percent last year, destroying the value of the portfolio by EUR 200.