The fire that spread from the garbage canopy to the carport caused considerable material damage on Kontiolahti's Höytiäisentie late Saturday.

The Rescue Department says in its press release that three cars were destroyed in the fire, the bicycle storage, the furniture storage, the garbage canopy and half of the carport.

Residents of nearby townhouses were evacuated to safety during firefighting work.

However, the rescue service managed to prevent the fire from spreading to the townhouses, and residents were able to return to their homes.

The IS center of the Eastern Finland Police Department is told that the police do not yet have an accurate overview of the events.

- Yes, it's probably intentionally set on fire.

After all, they don't usually light up on their own.

- Of course, it is possible that there has been something in the rubbish taken to the canopy that has gradually smoked.

Everything is possible and even damage happens, the situation center is being considered.

The emergency center was notified of the fire shortly after eleven in the evening.