The Häme Police Department reports that the police patrol was observing traffic in Janakkala on Kolmostie in the north-facing Virala rest area, when a car was driven on the radar at a speed of 185 kilometers per hour.

The permitted speeding was 85 kilometers per hour.

The patrol that went after the chase reached the suspect in Hämeenlinna before the junction of Highway 10.

However, the suspect did not stop his car but turned onto Highway 10 towards Turku and back to Kolmostie.

The suspect from Turengi's accession turned to the police patrol to Viralantie.

The fugitive was only stopped on Hälliläntie in Janakkala.

During the stop, the policeman who got out of the police car had to dodge the escaping car, which eventually derailed.

The driver was caught after a ditch ride.

A man in his twenties who acted as a driver is suspected of being under the influence of drugs.

There were three passengers in the car.

Police suspect the driver of a serious threat to road safety, drunk driving, resisting an official, driving a vehicle without justice, and committing a drug use offense.