When Jari-Matti Latvala was informed of the plague of the Toyota WRC team manager in December, it became clear that Toyota's former boss Tommi Mäkinen did not play any role in hiring him.

The four-time world champion didn’t even know the whole picture.

Toyota said the initiative came straight from CEO Akio Toyoda.

At the same time, speculation began between Mäkinen and Latvala, as Mäkinen had previously been informed that he would move up a degree in the Toyota Group, as an advisor to the entire motorsport side.

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Why was Mäkinen ignored?

How does Mäkinen feel about Latvala, whom he fired from Toyota after the 2019 WRC season?

IS had previously told Mäkinen and Latvala about their relationship of trust.

Mäkinen's rally know-how is considered to be of first class, but his human leadership skills have been criticized accordingly.

Now Latvala is talking about a call that Mäkinen made shortly after the wash was confirmed.

- Tommi was happy to hear that call, and he congratulated me a lot.

Tommi seemed to be sincerely happy for me, Latvala says.

- It was important for Tomm that the Finn was allowed to continue the work he started at Toyota.

We agreed oitis that we would hold a quick meeting, where we would go through matters related to the management of the stable, among other things.

According to Latvala, no friction was no longer noticeable.

- There was a good feeling.

I think we can do a great job, Latvala sums up.

The World Rally Championship season is scheduled to start on 21-24.

January at the Monte Carlo Rally.


February is the turn of the Rovaniemi Rally, which entered the World Championship calendar to patch up the canceled Swedish World Rally Championship.

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