China News Service, January 17 According to Reuters, Indonesia has seen frequent natural disasters recently.

On the 17th local time, the Indonesian National Disaster Relief Agency (BNPB) stated that the magnitude 6.2 earthquake on Sulawesi Island had caused 56 deaths and the joint rescue team was intensively carrying out rescue work.

  According to reports, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in the early morning of the 15th local time.

So far, the earthquake has killed at least 56 people, injured more than 800 people, and displaced approximately 15,000 people.

In the early morning of January 15, local time, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred in West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, causing a large number of houses to be destroyed and collapsed.

  Earlier news reported that Majene County, where the epicenter is located, and Mamuju, the capital of West Sulawesi Province, which are dozens of kilometers away, are in serious disaster.

Buildings including provincial government office buildings, hospitals, hotels, etc. were severely damaged in the earthquake, and a large number of private houses collapsed.

Officials worry that as rescue work continues, the death toll will increase.

  Reuters said that in the past two weeks of 2021, Indonesia is fighting several disasters at the same time.

  In addition to the earthquake, Indonesian authorities said that this month’s floods in North Sulawesi and South Kalimantan have killed at least 5 people, and landslides in West Java have killed at least 28 people.

  The Semeru volcano in East Java erupted on the evening of the 16th, but there are no reports of casualties or evacuations.

  Some experts predict that in the next few weeks, the country will face "multiple dangers" from extreme weather and other hydrometeorology.