Nearly 400,000 people died of Corona 19 in the United States.

With predictions that a highly contagious British mutant virus could occupy the United States by March, most vaccine inventories in the United States were found to have run out.

This is reporter Jeong-hyeon on the press.

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United States, the cumulative number of corona 19 confirmed cases was 25.34 million and the cumulative death toll was 392,000, approaching 400,000.

With 25% of confirmed cases and 19.5% of deaths worldwide, the number of confirmed cases and deaths in the United States is the highest in the world.

As the momentum of Corona 19 still shows no signs of decline, statistically, 90,000 people are likely to die in the United States this January alone.

In December of last year, a month ago, 77,000 people died.

Although the number of deaths is increasing, vaccination in the United States is only slow.

As criticism of the need to speed up vaccination grew, US Minister of Health and Welfare Alix Aza said on the 12th that he would hurry to supply the secondary vaccination stocks.

But when it turned out that most of the vaccine stocks were lacking, the governors of the United States rose.

[Kate Brown/U.S. Governor of Oregon: Let me be clear, this is a scam at the national level.]

Governor's complaints exploded, including Colorado Governor Jared Police "I was extremely disappointed that I had heard a lie."

The CDC of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that a mutant virus from the UK, known to be 1.7 times stronger than before, could become the most dominant virus in the United States in March.