Berlin (dpa) - National water polo coach Hagen Stamm believes that the Olympics will be held in Tokyo despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“I think that the games will take place in advance with strict conditions and vaccinations,” said the 60-year-old Berliner in an interview with “Tagesspiegel” (Sunday) and added: “I hope with our participation.

To see the boys run into the stadium at the Olympics would be another great story for me at the end of my coaching job. "

On February 14th, the qualification for the summer games for his team, which was actually planned for last year, should begin in Rotterdam.

The corona crisis made implementation impossible.

«I ask those responsible at the world association to observe the situation closely until the last day and only then to decide whether it is really going to play.

If necessary, the ripcord must be pulled, "said Stamm:" The players must not be recklessly sent into the arena just so that the event can take place.

If two teams didn't compete for us either, the whole thing would become a farce. "

Stamm, who is also the club president of water polo record champion Spandau 04 from Berlin, described the past months during Corona as the hardest in his around 15 years as national coach.

«We could only wait for months.

But it's great to see how the team stands together now.

There is no association thinking, no young or old, ”said Stamm.


Wasserfreunde Spandau 04