According to him, often patients, faced with COVID-19 themselves or in the family and being treated at home, ask doctors to prescribe drugs for them to avoid the consequences of the disease, although in many cases the disease goes away on its own and "requires only aids."

“How well one very well-known Moscow head physician answered in such a situation:“ shake hands with the doctor who did not prescribe anything for you! ”

- noted Myasnikov.

He stressed that at a temperature below 38, no shortness of breath and a saturation level of 96% "you just have to be patient" and you should not drink blood thinning and hormonal drugs, as well as antibiotics.

“You cannot use at home for the treatment of acute respiratory infections what hospitals treat severe viral pneumonia!

Side effects can even be fatal!

We do not amputate a leg with an ingrown toenail! "

- the doctor writes.

He recommends that those who are being treated for coronavirus at home stay calm, drink plenty of fluids and, if necessary, antipyretics, as well as vitamins and nasal drops.

“Timely vaccination will save people at risk from the severe course of COVID,” added Myasnikov.

In November, pulmonologist Anna Vlasova, in an interview with Vechernaya Moskva, spoke about the dangers of treating bilateral pneumonia at home, which developed against the background of COVID-19.