Hanover (dpa / lni) - The Lower Saxony judicial authorities expect an increase in the phenomenon of illegal drone flights over prisons.

Of course, modern means are also being used to bring material into the institutions unnoticed, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice of the German Press Agency.

"Drugs and cell phones are particularly in demand."

The correctional facilities are moving with the times and are well equipped - also in terms of drone defense, he emphasized with a view to a test project on "drone detection" that has been running since February.

The penal system in Lower Saxony currently has such a mobile system that is used in various places.

In this way, objects in flight that pass predefined alarm zones can be detected and visually tracked in real time.

Deactivation of drones, for example through interference frequencies, is not planned.

It is a pure warning system that has documented six cases since February.

Eight drone overflights were also heard acoustically, and in one case, drugs and a cell phone were seized.

"The file used to be baked into the cake - but times change," said the spokesman.

He also pointed out the possible consequences for the drone pilots.

According to the current so-called drone regulation, correctional facilities are subject to an overflight ban.

In addition, according to the air traffic regulations, it is forbidden to throw objects from aircraft.

Violations would be punished with a fine.


Ministry of Justice Lower Saxony