Mali: the army opens an investigation after the death of three prisoners

The Malian army has announced the opening of an investigation to determine the circumstances of the death of three suspected jihadist prisoners during a transfer.

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What died of three alleged jihadists arrested by the Malian army on January 13 not far from the Malian locality of Boulikessi, in the north?

Several versions circulate on the fate of these men arrested during an "anti-terrorist" operation.

Faced with concerns raised by residents of Kobou, a locality where those accused of "terrorism" were arrested, an investigation was opened by the army to determine the exact conditions of their deaths which occurred during their transfer to a locality in the center. from Mali.


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With our correspondent in Bamako,

Serge Daniel

On January 13 in Kobou, a village 25 kilometers south-east of the Malian locality of Boulikessi, in the north, the Malian army launched a vast operation against suspected jihadists.

The latter are very

present in this area

located near the border with Burkina Faso where the French army is also intervening against jihadist groups.

After the fighting, the Malian soldiers decided to transfer at least four suspected jihadists to the main Malian military camp in the center of the country.

According to the official statement, it was during the transfer that three of the prisoners lost their lives.

Once the news was known, relatives of the deceased did not hide their emotion.

They received condolences from the Chief of Defense Staff who announced the opening of an investigation into the circumstances of the deaths.

The alleged jihadists arrested, therefore alive before their departure under guard for the center of the country, have they been " 


", according to an expression known in military jargon?

Did they try to flee, which would have resulted in a brutal reaction from the military?

Investigations are ongoing.

In the meantime, two human rights associations are calling for an independent investigation.

One of the suspected jihadist prisoners is alive.

He should help people understand what his companions died of.


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