It was on January 8 that Denmark introduced that travelers must have a negative covid-19 test to enter the country.

Border commuters have had to stand and wait for several hours to be able to take a quick test, including in Hyllie, which SVT Nyheter Skåne previously reported on.

Now Region Skåne announces that the test will be free, but then you must show your CPR number and a certificate that you work in Denmark.

In a press release, the region writes:

“The test is free for the first time, after which you continue to test for free in Denmark.

Danish citizens who live in Sweden do not need to be tested ”


Region Skåne has made an agreement with Scantest in Hyllie, which is located at the parking lot for Emporia.

The agreement is valid for one month and the region announces that more similar agreements are expected to be signed this week.

- I am glad that in just one week we have been able to find a solution for all the Swedes who work in Denmark and who may not have a job that allows them to handle it digitally from home in Sweden, says Carl-Johan Sonesson (M ), chairman of the regional board Region Skåne.

As the new chairman of Greater Copenhagen, I see this as a concrete example of a sudden Danish government decision, which has not cooperated with the regional level and thus creates unnecessary problems.

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Test center at Emporia had to close Photo: Gunilla Fritze