France: investigators on the trail of a huge arms trafficking

A French policeman stands next to a police car during a demonstration in Paris, France, June 1, 2018. REUTERS / Philippe Wojazer

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They are ten to have been indicted in France this weekend, suspected of having participated in a gigantic arms trafficking, including weapons of war resold for the most part on the black market.

Investigators are now trying to identify the type of misdeeds for which they could have been used.


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It's a record seizure: several tons of handguns, assault rifles, machine guns, automatic pistols, ammunition ... An arsenal updated when a cache is discovered.

Six months of investigation were needed to identify and dismantle this network of arms traffickers.

Ten people including two serving soldiers, former soldiers or collectors were arrested and indicted this Saturday for acquisition, possession and transfer of weapons of war.

The network operated for years, regularly reselling this material to collectors, drug traffickers or members of ultra-right movements.

Where do these weapons come from?

What were they used for, what could they have been used for?

These are the questions to which the survey must now provide answers.

Analyzes of the seized arsenal are underway and the police also want to determine if a violent action was in preparation.


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