China News Service, January 17th. According to Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao report, on the 15th, the National Rifle Association (NRA) announced that it had filed for bankruptcy protection, and at the same time moved from New York State to Texas for reorganization.

The media pointed out that this approach is essentially to evade the New York State Attorney General James' request for its dissolution.

  The National Rifle Association, with about 5 million members, is the most politically influential organization supporting guns in the United States and a supporter of President Trump.

The organization issued a statement on the 15th emphasizing that it is in good financial position. This move is to "get rid of the corrupt political and regulatory environment in New York State" and ensure that it can continue to succeed as the "main advocate of constitutional freedom in the United States."

  The Democrat and New York State Attorney General James in August 2020 accused the NRA of mismanagement and embezzled millions of dollars for private pleasure, including traveling by private jet, causing the association to lose $64 million in three years, violating New York State regulations. Non-profit organization legislation requires the dissolution of the association.

  James responded on the 15th that the prosecution will not allow the NRA to use this or other methods to evade accountability and supervision.

  The US media pointed out that due to the financial crisis and a series of legal proceedings in recent years, the influence of the NRA in the presidential election last year has been weakened.

Affected by the epidemic, the NRA was forced to cancel a series of offline fundraising activities last year.