Hundreds of people attended a canceled demonstration against the (caretaker) cabinet and the corona policy on Museumplein in Amsterdam on Sunday afternoon.

The municipality has issued an emergency order to get the demonstrators out of there.

The police have called on the protesters to leave and are acting "in phases and de-escalating", according to the municipality of Amsterdam.

Many demonstrators made no move to leave around 2 p.m.

Organizer Michel Reijinga initially wanted to demonstrate on the Museumplein, but the municipality did not allow that.

However, the protest was allowed to be held in Westerpark with a maximum of 500 participants.

Reijinga disagreed.

He went to court, but the council was in favor.

The protest was then called off.

"This also removes my responsibility as an organizer," said Reijinga earlier.

The municipality of Amsterdam has announced on Sunday morning that there is no permission to continue the canceled demonstration.