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Large National Guard troops were the dominant force on the streets of Washington the Sunday before the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

There is still a tense calm in the face of fear of new violent episodes after the assault on the Capitol on January 6 - which left five dead - and the FBI warning of the threat of radical groups that looms over the capitals of the 1950s. States of the country.

In the city center, a militarized "green zone" has been erected where barricades and street closures are the norm.

If the extreme right-wing groups comply with their threat to march through Washington and the rest of the state capitals, they already know the panorama that can be found.

Only in the vicinity of the Capitol and the White House, it is expected that

some 25,000 members of the National Guard will

be ready to take action


In addition, President Donald Trump will not be there to spur his thirst for revenge with the Democratic legislators as happened during the tragic first Wednesday of the year.

This time there will be no speech from the president calling for a march against the Capitol to make wayward Democrats and Republicans reflect.

The outgoing president will leave for Florida that same January 20 in the morning to Mar-a-Lago

, his Palm Beach resort where he intends to live permanently with his wife and children.

He will avoid seeing Biden and Harris swear in office, in what may be his last gesture as president of the United States.

Both a factor against it seems to have made a dent in the calls for insurrection on social networks.

In some forums they are rethinking whether to manifest.

Still, as

many as 19 states have given the green light to dispatch members of the National Guard

around their capitols as a precaution.

In Sacramento, the capital of California, Governor Gavin Newsom has authorized the deployment of 1,000 soldiers for what may happen, a situation of alert similar to that in Michigan and Virginia, where there have been marches of extremists in the past.

Once the presidential inauguration process is over, Biden and his team are expected to launch a cascade of decrees and bills to reverse President Trump's policies of the last four years, issues such as the veto on the entry of citizens from a list of Muslim-majority countries - a decision that generated enormous controversy at the beginning of his mandate -, the recovery of a part of the Obama-era environmental agenda that Trump was in charge of squandering, and the first draft to the long-awaited immigration reform for millions of undocumented immigrants, among other things.

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