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110 infections with the British variant in Belgian retirement home

In a residential care center in Merkem, Belgium, at least 72 residents and 38 employees were infected with the British coronavirus


, Belgian media report.

Three residents have died.

Elsewhere in the West Flemish municipality of Houthulst, of which Merkem is a part, the number of new corona cases has risen rapidly within two weeks: from 8 to 85.

"We already had a suspicion since the virus infects people so quickly," says Mayor Joris Hindryckx van Houthulst against

Het Laatste Nieuws


about the infections in the residential care center.

"The Agency for Care and Health has confirmed to us that it is actually the more contagious British variant. How it got into the residential care center remains a mystery. To my knowledge, no employees have been to England."

The number of corona infections in Houthulst rose rapidly in the past week.

It was already feared that it would be the British variant, and that was confirmed on Sunday morning.

As a precaution, the municipality previously decided to ban all social activities.

Only schools, childcare and medical services will remain open for the time being.

Infected persons must be quarantined for ten days, instead of seven days with a normal infection.

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Almost entire geriatric psychiatry department of Emergis in Kloetinge tests positive.

20 of the 23 patients and 8 employees of the geriatric psychiatry department of Emergis in Kloetinge in Zeeland have tested positive,

Omroep Zeeland



One patient is seriously ill, the other patients have mild or no complaints for the time being.

The entire department is in quarantine and the GGD is investigating whether an investigation into the British variant of the corona virus is necessary.

There are as yet no patients with COVID-19 complaints in the other wards.

To prevent the virus from spreading, physical visits are now not allowed and the leave has been canceled.

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Germany reports 445 corona-related deaths.

The number of

corona-related deaths

in Germany increased by 445 in the past 24 hours. 980 corona-related deaths were registered on Saturday.

The total number of corona patients who died in Germany thus rose to 46,419, reports the Robert Koch-Institut, the German equivalent of the RIVM.

The number of diagnosed corona infections in Germany has increased by 13,882 in the past 24 hours, compared to an increase of 18,678 a day earlier.

A total of 2,033,518 infections have now been detected in Germany.

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British government hopes to relax measures in March

The British government hopes to be able to relax corona

measures in March


That said British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab in an interview with

Sky News on



"We want to get out of this national lockdown as quickly as possible. Hopefully we can relax in March. I don't think we will do it all at once, but phase out the measures in steps," Raab said.

The United Kingdom took tougher measures last Friday.

Thus travel was further restricted.

To prevent other mutations of the virus from reaching the country, everyone must be quarantined from tomorrow after arrival.

At 4 a.m. local time, the exception that travelers from certain countries do not have to be isolated will then lapse.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also announced that more checks will be carried out on compliance with the quarantine obligation.

People must be quarantined for ten days after arrival or five days after a negative test.

The British are dealing with a mutation of the coronavirus that is much more contagious than other variants.

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Police end party in Brabant trailer 

Last night, the police ended an illegal party at a business park in Boekel in Brabant.

Nineteen young people partied in a trailer that was set up as a pub.

They have been fined for violating the corona rules.

On Twitter, the police call East Brabant such parties "unacceptable".

"These are difficult times for everyone, but stick to the rules!", Said the police unit.

Elsewhere in North Brabant, in Etten-Leur, the police ended a party in a commercial space last night.

The eight attendees were fined.

In Amsterdam, a party in a business building was also ended by the police.

There, 64 partygoers were fined.

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Police end party in Etten-Leur

The police

ended a party in Etten-Leur

in the night from Saturday to Sunday,

BN DeStem



A party was held in a business space, during which the corona measures were not observed.

A home-made bar had been set up in the room.

The eight people present were fined.

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Austria extends lockdown by two weeks

Austria will extend current corona measures for another two weeks until February 7, the government reports.

This means that shops, restaurants and schools will remain closed until then.

The Alpine country has been in a hard lockdown since December 26, which means that, just like in the Netherlands, people must stay at home as much as possible.

It may be possible to introduce relaxation from 8 February, such as the reopening of gyms and museums.

From now on people must wear medical mouth masks (FFP2 masks) when they visit somewhere and keep a distance of at least 2 meters from each other.

On Saturday, about ten thousand people protested against the corona measures in the capital Vienna.

The protest started peacefully but ended noisily.

Five people have been arrested.

The lockdown in Austria during the winter sports season is a big loss for the country.

The measures were supposed to expire this weekend, but are now being extended for the second time.

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Thousands of people in Vienna demonstrate against corona measures

In the Austrian capital Vienna, an estimated ten thousand people demonstrated against the corona measures on Saturday.

Five people were arrested.

Many participants did not wear a face mask or did not adhere to the distance rules.

The country is currently in a third lockdown.

Only essential stores are still open.

The government may announce a new tightening of the rules on Sunday.

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Australian city of Sydney reports new cluster of infections

The Australian province of New South Wales reported a new corona cluster in the city of Sydney on Sunday.

A man is said to have infected six of his friends.

Just hours before this announcement, Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt reported that there were no more active "coronahotspots" in Australia.

In recent months, corona clusters have been discovered in the provinces of South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

They are now under control.

The health minister said on Sunday that Australia will feel the impact of the coronavirus for a long time to come, as the virus is not yet under control in most of the world.

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South African virus variant shows up in Denmark

The variant of the coronavirus that was first discovered in South Africa has now also surfaced in Denmark.

Local health authorities report this on Saturday. 

It is still unknown how the more contagious mutation got into the country and how many people are infected with it.

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Police raid a café in Leeuwarden, fines fifteen people

The police and enforcement of the municipality of Leeuwarden raided a café in the city on Saturday.

The cafe was open, while that is currently not allowed.

Fifteen people, including the operator, were fined 95 euros.

There was also illegal gambling inside.

On the same day, a café in Eindhoven that announced last week to reopen its doors on Sunday decided to abandon this plan.

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The most important news of Saturday January 16.


  • RIVM reports

    5,340 new positive tests

    , again less than the average of the past seven days (5,873).

  • There are currently 

    2,360 corona patients

     in Dutch hospitals, 109 fewer than Friday.

    666 of these are treated in intensive care, 19 less than a day ago

  • Primary schools

     will not open yet on January 25.

    The cabinet is adopting the OMT advice on this.

  • Two hundred infections

    with the British corona variant

    are now

    known in the Netherlands.


  • Family members of residents of 

    Flemish retirement homes

    have been secretly vaccinated with leftovers from the corona vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech.

    Family members of staff members were also given leftover vaccine.

    The authorities call this inadmissible.

  • The

     South African corona mutation first appeared




  • Bonaire will

     allow flights from the United States and Canada again from Saturday.

    Travelers must be able to submit a negative result of a PCR test.

  • In the Brazilian city of 


    hospitals are struggling with oxygen shortages.

  • In


    Saturday a strict curfew took effect.

    From 6pm to 6am, residents of the country must stay at home.

  • In 


     several churches are used as puncture sites.

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