President-elect Biden of the United States will attend the inauguration ceremony this week and become the 46th president.

At the inauguration so far, a large number of people gathered to celebrate the birth of the new president and to be in a festive mood, but this time the authorities declare a state of emergency and dispatch the National Guard to increase the vigilance against the mayhem. It is in the situation of.

President-elect Joe Biden of the United States will attend the inauguration ceremony in Washington, DC on the 20th (before dawn on the 21st in Japan time) and will become the 46th president.

At the inauguration ceremony so far, a large number of people gathered in the square in front of the Capitol building and the roadside where the parade is held, and it is wrapped in a festive mood to celebrate the birth of the new president, but this time it is infected with the new coronavirus. Due to the expansion, the parade was canceled and the plaza was closed to ensure safety.

On the 6th of this month, the Capitol declared a state of emergency, saying that supporters of President Donald Trump, who had turned into a mob in response to the election results, invaded and suffered casualties, and that there was a risk of further demonstrations and mayhem. I put it out and strengthened my vigilance.

The area around the Capitol is blocked by barbed wire and concrete blocks, and access is severely restricted, National Guards with guns are on alert, and cars are restricted from entering the city center. Has also strengthened security and is expected to mobilize up to 25,000 National Guards.

Vigilance against protests and mayhem has increased throughout the United States, with the Governor proclaiming an emergency in three states, including eastern Maryland, adjacent to Washington, and National Guard in at least 19 states, including Southern Virginia and Eastern Pennsylvania. We are convening and poised to close the state legislature building in Southern Texas.

The FBI has warned that armed groups are planning protests across the United States, and Ray said "there are many alarming interactions on the Internet."

Under these circumstances, measures have been taken to limit violent posts on SNS, President Trump's Twitter account has been permanently suspended, and Facebook will not be able to display new advertisements for gun-related products. We are also taking measures, and it is an extremely unusual situation where the strict alertness stands out from the festive mood.

What Happened in the Invasion of Congress

A local newspaper reporter who was at the scene at the time talked about what was happening in the Capitol breach on the 6th of this month in an interview.

Jonathan Tamari, a reporter for Congress in the Philadelphia Inquirer, was interviewing a joint session to finalize the outcome of the presidential election in Congress at the time.

When I was in the House of Representatives, I learned about the invasion of a mob group through SNS etc. When I saw the police rushing to a member of the Diet and taking him out of the House, he said, "This was a big deal. I thought, "he recalled.

After that, police officers tried to prevent the invasion of mobs by blocking the door of the parliament with furniture and holding a gun at the door.

Mr. Tamari has been interviewing Congress for eight years, but he said that he had never expected such a situation, "I literally got cold in my spine. I can not believe that the police officer is really holding a gun. I had to check twice, because I couldn't understand the sight of the gun being pulled out in the parliament. Seeing that, this was no longer just the angry supporters making noise, but the body I thought it could be a serious harm, "he said, saying he felt in danger.

Mr. Tamari hid in a chair in the parliament to protect himself, but at that time, parliamentary officials gave him a gas mask in preparation for the use of tear gas, and then police officers and others. It means that he evacuated to a safe place in the parliament with the members of the Diet while being protected by.

In the room she was evacuating, she said she was with a Democratic lawmaker, saying, "They seemed indignant and felt,'This is the responsibility of President Trump.' A building that is a symbol of American democracy. The act of the same American trying to overturn the outcome of a peaceful election in the heart of the city was the saddest event we've ever seen. "

Before the incident Posts calling for a congressional attack on the net

In the case of the invasion of the federal parliament, many posts calling for a raid or occupation of the parliament were confirmed on the Internet before the incident.

When the "Site Intelligence Group", a private organization that monitors activities such as white supremacist groups on the Internet, analyzed posts before the incident, a rally of supporters of President Trump held just before the incident. Regarding the attack on the parliament, "What is the point of attending a rally without weapons?" Or "It is necessary to realize a tactical victory such as rushing into and occupying the parliament." It means that many instigating writings were found.

Most of these posts have been deleted after the incident, but some referred to a meeting held in Congress at the time of the incident to finalize the outcome of the presidential election, saying, "Death or President-elect Trump is a legitimate winner. There was also a post calling for the detention of lawmakers trying to confirm the victory of President-elect Biden, along with a large number of pictures of detention bands, saying, "You should admit or choose between them."

Others mentioned the method of intrusion, saying, "Rushing into Congress through multiple entrances is the surest way to arrest a traitor."

Investigators did not mention the planning of the case or how organized the action was, but on the day of the case, detonators and timers were installed at the Republican and Democratic national committees near the scene. In addition to the discovery of a pipe bomb, automatic rifles and pistols, Western-style bows called crossbows, and flammable liquids have been confiscated from the cars of attendees and those around the rally of President Trump's supporters.

Investigators are believed to have rushed to identify many who have invaded Congress or were involved in vandalism, have prosecuted more than 100 people so far, and are investigating the circumstances of the intrusion and the background of the incident. ..

Posting restrictions Increased opposition from President Trump supporters

Following the invasion of Congress, major tech companies have suspended President Trump's account for the risk of further violence, and suspended the distribution of apps that are gaining popularity among presidential supporters. Despite a series of measures to be taken, supporters of the president are increasingly opposed to posting restrictions.

Bill Fetky of Florida, who supports President Trump, said he couldn't post when he tried to organize a local thank-you rally on Facebook as the president's term ended. That is.

In a statement on the 11th of this month, Facebook said that in order to avoid confusion over the presidential inauguration ceremony on the 20th, "we are conducting a secondary review on the call for events related to the inauguration ceremony," which violates internal regulations. Regarding the posting of, he said that he would take measures such as deleting it, and Mr. Fetky thinks that it may not have been possible to post due to such measures.

Regarding the response of these major IT companies, Fetky said, "All 74 million people who voted for President Trump are being treated badly because of some radical acts. In support of President Trump, he is conservative. We're cornered and silenced just by posting some thoughts. It's like a wall trying to divide the people. "

Others feel that there is a tendency to be criticized or locked out simply by attending a rally in American society in support of President Trump amid growing criticism of the federal parliamentary invasion.

An anonymous Florida man, who was attending a rally in Washington on the day of the incident, said, "This is the last opportunity to thank President Trump for his achievements over the past four years. I attended the rally thinking that, but now I may be harassed just by attending the rally. It may affect the employment of my family. "

Professor Terry Moe of Stanford University, who specializes in political science, said of these movements, "Trump supporters are becoming oppressed and alienated. They are angry and feel that they have to fight back in various ways. "The next president, Byden, may not be safe in the future, and we need to further strengthen our security."

On top of that, regarding the fact that the Congressional House of Representatives led by the opposition party and the Democratic Party accused President Trump of "inciting a rebellion," he said, "We must hold President Trump responsible. That causes the anger of Trump supporters and divides the country. Even if it deepens in the short term, it is a necessary price. "

FBI protest demonstrations and warnings

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has warned that there may be protests by armed groups in the state legislatures of 50 states in the United States toward the inauguration ceremony on the 20th of this month.

Some media outlets have reported that the FBI has given specific information to state authorities to call for caution, of which a group in Midwestern Minnesota has responded to and escaped security authorities during a large-scale demonstration. In addition to information that the route is being investigated, there was information that in Midwestern Michigan, some device using gasoline was used to divert the attention of police and others and attack the state council.