Formula 1 world champion Kimi Räikkönen, 41, did not cripple even a child.

The fan site published a video interview on its website, which Räikkönen gave at the age of 12.

- In the time trial, at least in the top five, and get to drive at the top.

Halfway through is bad if there are crashes - you can't get up from there, Räikkönen says in the video before the unknown, probably karting competition.

The video can be watched here.

In an interview, Räikkönen was also asked how he reacts to competing against the toughest opponents.

- They're not any robots.

Yes, they can handle it somehow, he replied, fluttering his hair.

Räikkönen later debuted in the F1 World Championship as Sauber's driver in 2001.

He won the World Championship in Ferrari in 2007. Today, he competes as the driver of the Alfa Romeo.

IS published a comprehensive series of pictures of Räikkönen's life and career after the Finn turned 40 in October 2019.

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