China, which does not include asymptomatic infections in the statistics of corona 19 confirmed cases due to the low probability of transmission, etc., belatedly took an emergency over asymptomatic infections.

This is because recently, asymptomatic infections have been pointed out as'the main culprit' of local infections.

● Jilin-seong'Super Preacher' appeared...

One person spreads to 81 people The

health authorities in Jilin Province of China said on the 16th that an asymptomatic infection from Heilongjiang Province has been investigated to spread Corona 19 to 81 people in Jilin Province.

According to the Jilin Provincial Health Authority, a 45-year-old man from Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province took a train to Changchun City in Jilin Province on January 9, and then traveled to Tonghua City by public transportation such as subway.

On January 10th and 11th, we attended a group workshop on product sales held in Tonghua City.

During this process, 81 asymptomatic infections occurred in 3 cities in Jilin Province.

Epidemiologic findings showed that all 81 infected people were associated with this man.

This was either a case of direct contact with this man, or a case of secondary and tertiary chain infections from close contact.

▲ A report on the Chinese news report on January 16th.

It is said that an asymptomatic infected person from Heilongjiang Province infected 81 people in three cities in Jilin Province.

In a commentary on the 16th, Xinhua News Agency said, "A'super transmission chain' has appeared in Jilin Province where one asymptomatic infection spreads the virus to dozens of people," and "is sending a warning to establish a regional epidemic prevention control network."

● Chinese expert "Early detection of asymptomatic infections is very important for quarantine"

Earlier, the state-run Global Times of China reported on the risk of asymptomatic infections.

The Global Times said in an article on January 11th, "Asymptomatic infection can trigger a new spread in China and is emerging as a new threat to COVID-19 control."

In an interview with the Global Times, Chinese health experts said, "The coronavirus currently spreading in China is more contagious than the previous virus," and "the quiet infection, especially in towns, is a new big challenge for China."

The 11th is the day when 103 confirmed cases were reported in mainland China, including 18 cases of foreign inflow, the first three-digit number in 5 months.

▲ Reported by the Global Times on January 11th.

'Asymptomatic infection could trigger a new outbreak in China and pose a new challenge to virus control,' he said.

"The spread of asymptomatic infection is limited, but early detection of asymptomatic infections is very important for COVID-19 quarantine," said Senior Expert Wu Jun-woo of the China Disease Control Center.

● Sudden increase in asymptomatic infections in China…

Increasing number of cases of conversion to confirmed cases

has recently

increased in

China with asymptomatic infections.

Until January 2nd, the number of asymptomatic infections, which had been at the level of three or four, increased to 14 on the 3rd, 31 on the 4th, and 45 on the 5th, and soared to 71 on the 6th.

At this time, in China, the number of confirmed cases spread rapidly, mainly in Hebei Province.

China's quarantine authorities estimate that even in Shijiazhuang, the Chengdu of Hebei Province, which showed the greatest spread recently, a ``quiet propagation'' has already taken place between early November and mid-December last year.

According to statistics released on the 17th, 96 confirmed cases and 103 asymptomatic infections occurred in mainland China during the 16th day, and the number of asymptomatic infections exceeded the number of confirmed cases.

Increasingly, cases of asymptomatic infection change the number of confirmed cases.

The number of cases in which asymptomatic infections were converted to confirmed cases in mainland China, including overseas inflow cases, increased from 4 to 8 on January 3-6 to 31 on the 10th and 42 on the 12th.

On the 16th, 32 asymptomatic infections were changed to confirmed cases.

This means that the'boundary' of asymptomatic infected and confirmed cases may be meaningless.

● “The virus has become more contagious” vs. “The purpose of reducing the number of confirmed cases”

Despite the fact, China still does not include it as a confirmed case if there are no symptoms such as fever or cough even if the corona19 nucleic acid test is positive.

This is a peculiar statistical rule that cannot be found in most countries, including Korea.

It does not even meet the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).


Its origin is from the first spread of Corona 19 in Wuhan.

At the time, Wuhan authorities said, "The asymptomatic infected people are weak in contagion," and "A small number of asymptomatic infected patients can become confirmed patients, but the vast majority are treated by themselves."

Joon-woo Woo, a senior expert at the China Disease Control Center mentioned earlier, argued that in April of last year, "the cases of asymptomatic infections were only 4.4% of the total number of patients."

Prior to this, the Hong Kong South China Morning Post reported on March 22 that 43,000 asymptomatic infections were missing from Chinese statistics based on confidential documents from the Chinese government.

Until then, the number of confirmed cases announced by China was about 81,000.

The total number of asymptomatic infections exceeds 120,000.

This is why suspicions and distrust have been raised that China does not intentionally include asymptomatic infections in statistics to reduce the number of confirmed cases.

▲ Hong Kong's South China Morning Force reported on March 22 last year that there were 43,000 asymptomatic infections that were not captured by Chinese statistics.

Looking at the recent situation in China, the explanation at the time that'asymptomatic infected people have weak transmission power' is not convincing.

Of course, as the Chinese quarantine authorities said, the recently discovered virus may have been more contagious than the previous virus, increasing the risk of asymptomatic infections.

However, if you put the first button in the wrong position, you will be confused in the position, and if you included asymptomatic infected persons in the confirmed case, this ambiguous position reversal is not necessary.

Most of all, it may have raised awareness of asymptomatic infections in Chinese nationals from the start. 

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