Sports legends Mika Häkkinen, 52, and Teemu Selänne, 50, were quick to respond when Salla Vuorikoski, the producer of Suomen Kuvalehti, asked a question on Twitter:

- Do you also drive only absolutely necessary expenses?

- Yes, answered former motorist Häkkinen, who won two World Championship titles in his F1 career.

- Me too.

After tennis in the sunshine (year) -59 on an open (model) caddy, I cruise three kilometers to golf, the V8 growls and there is no hurry to anything ... Then I could quote my friend Matti Nykänen's words life is wide, replied NHL legend Selänne.

Häkkinen’s response garnered several retweets praising the cool laconicism of the athlete who toured the world’s motorways.

- Mostly commuting?

asked one twitterist with a twinkle in the corner of his eye from Cage.

- This discussion is the best ever on Twitter, says another exchange of ideas between Häkkinen and Vuorikoski.

The comment from the back received more mixed feedback.

Teemu Selänne (left) and Mika Häkkinen in the descriptions of the Teemu and Superstars program 2016. Photo: Nelonen

In addition to sports stars, many other well-known people answered Vuorikoski's motoring question.

- I haven't heard anyone say for a long time: "Let's go for a little ride," politician Jyrki JJ Kasvi pointed out.

The plant's comment evoked memories in MP Juhana Vartiainen (Coalition Party).

- A fun-filled memory of the youth: we set off once and turned left or right at every intersection.

I was interested in what would end up ex ante

Mikael Jungner also took part in the debate.

- Mainly for pleasure driving, he answered the original question.