Berlin (dpa) - Union Berlin's manager Oliver Ruhnert has rejected the racism allegations surrounding Nadiem Amiri from Leverkusen and defended his player Florian Huebner.

"He did not say so," said Ruhnert in a digital press conference of the Bundesliga club on Saturday.

Ruhnert added that it was “difficult” to “accuse” the defender of racism because of the color of his wife's skin.

A sanction against Hübner (29) by the club will therefore not exist.

However, the Union manager assumes that the DFB control committee will deal with the events after the Bundesliga game on Friday evening between Union and Bayer (1-0).

The referee Florian Badstübner noted the events in the game report.

In the stadium at the Alte Försterei there was a violent verbal argument between Amiri and several opponents.

According to a statement by Amiri's team and DFB colleague Jonathan Tah, the words “Shit Afghan” were said to have been uttered in the direction of the German national player Amiri.

According to Ruhnert, these words were not uttered to the best of his knowledge.

"We don't have this information."


Rather, there were an unusually large number of heated comments from players from both clubs during and after the game.

Apologies were exchanged from both sides after the game.

You are at peace with Leverkusen, stressed Ruhnert.

Amiri had stated in a Bayer statement on Saturday that the matter was settled for him after an apology from the Union actor.

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