Violence in Washington: Rioters wanted to "assassinate elected officials", nomination under high security for Joe Biden -

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It’s two weeks that rocked America.

Ten days after the attack by supporters of Donald Trump on the Washington Capitol, the investigation is progressing.

Several dozen rioters have already been charged, most of them "with violent intrusion".

But according to the FBI and the Justice Department, much heavier charges could follow.

Prosecutors in charge of the case believe that certain individuals sought to "capture and assassinate elected officials" in order to "overthrow the government".

Authorities are seeking to determine whether the attack was planned in advance.

Against this backdrop, Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20 will take place under maximum security, with more than 20,000 National Guard troops deployed.

After the second impeachment of his mandate, Donald Trump should be tried for impeachment by the Senate soon, with the risk of possible ineligibility.

The White House tenant is expected to leave Washington on Wednesday morning to return to his residence in Mar-a-lago, Florida.

And think about his future with some close advisers.

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