• Covid Health will give priority to the Autonomous Communities that have vaccinated the most due to the reduction in shipments from Pfizer

The change in the vaccine distribution system that the Government has decided has roused the most affected,


and the

Basque Country

, who have branded it as "unfair" and respond to a criterion based on "political colors", instead of sanitary criteria.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has announced that he will change the proportion of the distribution of vaccines between the CCAA because Pfizer is going to supply 56% of the amount committed for changes in its production line this Monday.

To face this gap, the Ministry of Health is now going to give priority to the regional governments that administered the most vaccines in the first week, so that they can put the second dose of the vaccine - now 21 days after the start of vaccination - to all who already received the first puncture at the end of December.

In this way, the most retarded, such as


and the

Basque Country,

will be harmed.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the


Iñigo Urkullu have rejected it.

And they have argued that if they gave fewer vaccines at the beginning of the process - these two communities are in the queue in vaccination - it was to guarantee that they would administer the second dose at 21 days and anticipating problems with the supply.

Díaz Ayuso

has once again been the toughest against the Government of Pedro Sánchez on account of the management of the pandemic.

The Madrid president has accused the Executive of distributing the doses based on "political colors" and has described the "change in the rules of the game in the middle of the game" as "an absolute error" and "a lack of respect" for the toilets.

Illa's decision, he denounced, "seriously affects Madrid."

"I do not know what else has to happen in


from a health point of view to help us," he lamented.

In a visit to some of the municipalities most affected by last week's heavy snowfall,


has accused Sánchez of "rewarding some against others" by changing the criteria for the distribution of the doses that Spain receives from Brussels, according to reports Eph.

Iñigo Urkullu, for his part, who governs the Basque Country in coalition with the


, has denounced that the new system is "unfair for Euskadi" and that if the Basque Executive put fewer vaccines at the beginning it was to guarantee the second dose to all immunized people, just like Madrid does.

Galicia: "They are not capable"

From the Xunta de Galicia, however, they have charged against the communities that have given the least vaccines - the Basque Country and Madrid - and have accused these governments of "not being able" to vaccinate at the desirable rate.

He then urged them to send their vaccines to Galicia, where "we are capable of putting them", he said.

The vice president of the Xunta chaired by Alberto Núñez Feijóo,

Alfonso Rueda

, has denounced that "it is not reasonable that there are vaccines without administering" and has warned that "what does not make sense is having vaccines and not giving them, when there are others who do we could put ".

"And if any community is not capable of providing the vaccines that they are supplied," Rueda concluded, "let them come to


, we are capable here".

Back to normal on the 25th

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, did not want to enter into controversy during his appearance in


and has guaranteed that on January 25 Pfizer will return to supply the committed quantities.

And that will later make up for the gap this week.

In addition, he assured that Spain is going to vaccinate at a good rate - it is already the fourth European country that has administered the most vaccines and the ninth in the world - and that in summer, 70% of Spaniards will already be immunized.

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