January 16, 2021 Argentine dancer and choreographer Juan Carlos Copes, king of tango, died at 89 from complications from Covid-19.

This was announced by his daughter Johana Copes, herself a tango dancer and a long-time partner of her father on the stages and in the milongas.

On Facebook he explained that the situation precipitated very quickly: "My father - he added - will always shine among the stars and in the history of danced tango".

Copes was infected with the coronavirus in December.

Born on May 31, 1931 in Buenos Aires, he became famous as the creator of the tango choreography, managing to make this Argentine folk dance known all over the world.

His first professional performances were with the Francisco Canaro orchestra in 1955, and in 1958 he made his debut in Europe and the United States with Maria Nieves as his partner, wife from 1964 to 1973. During the 1960s, the artist contributed in decisive way to the creation of the modern concept of tango show in Buenos Aires.

Copes and Nieves starred in a 1962 production at the Alvin Theater on Broadway and appeared in numerous episodes of The Ed Sullivan Show from 1962 to 1964. After parting with Maria Nieves, the great dancer had his daughter as a dance partner. Johana.

Among other things, he took part in the film "Tango" by Carlos Saura, presented in competition at Cannes in 1998 and nominated for an Oscar the following year.

Only in 2015 the now over 80 years old gave his farewell to the scene and dance.

Among the many farewell messages on social networks, that of the Argentine Minister of Culture stands out: "His name has shone on the illuminated signs of Broadway and has been acclaimed in Europe. He has created unique shows".