The Democratic Congo national team player Gauthier Mfombi Thierry became the talk of the world during his participation in the World Cup handball, which is currently held in Egypt, due to his huge shape and his weight, which is 110 kg.

Mvombi participated with his country, which is participating for the first time in the history of the tournament, and managed to score 4 goals, in yesterday's match against Argentina, which ended with the latter winning 28-22.

Partido complicado para Argentina en su debut mundialista en Egipto: Congo está siendo un rival más difícil de lo esperado y pierde 14-13.

El pivote Gauthier Mvumbi Thierry es uno de los jugadores destacados de los africanos en ataque.

Imparable para la defensa albiceleste.

- Matías Baldo (@matiasbaldo) January 15, 2021

Several international newspapers shed light on Mvompi, as the Spanish newspaper "AS" stated that he is 26 years old and is part of Drew AC, a fourth-division club in France.

Users on the communication sites shared pictures of the player from the match yesterday, Saturday, where they praised his strong will and representation of his country, and his brilliance in the match despite his extra weight.

In the 2021 Handball World Cup in Egypt -

Gauthier Mfombi, a player for the Democratic Republic of the Congo national team, 26 years old, 192 cm in height and 110 km in weight ... He scored 4 goals against Argentina from 4 attempts on the goal with a success rate of 100% and made another goal that no defender could control On him as soon as he gets the ball 😊

- Wildland Cave (@pastelea) January 16, 2021

For his part, MVUMBE accepted these conversations through communication sites and international newspapers with open arms, as he re-published them on his personal Facebook page, and only put the smile symbol in comment on them.

The player posted a video clip of one of his four goals in the match, via his Instagram account, and commented on it, saying, "Record the match ... Call me a giant."


Posted by Gauthier Mvumbi on Friday, January 15, 2021

He also posted another video clip of a special message from NBA player Shaquille O'Neal, supporting him in it, and commenting on it, saying, "The dream has now come true. This is unbelievable. Live your dream and fight for it."

Giant Gauthier Mfombi, player of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, scored 4 goals from 4 attempts against Argentina in the Handball World Cup Egypt 2021 - he weighed more than 110 kg - height 192 cm - aged 26 years

Posted by Ahmed Shobier on Saturday, January 16, 2021

# Gauthier_mvombe_thierry, national team player # Congo_Democracy, became the talk of the world press after the distinguished level he appeared during the match # Argentina at the opening of the fourth group matches, scoring 4 goals and providing a strong physical effort despite his apparent obesity 🇨🇩🤾‍♂️🔥 # World Cup_Handball_Egypt_2021 # Egypt2021 https: // t .co / gSgwAna1tJ

- Mohamed El-Jazzar (@ mohamedelgazar4) January 16, 2021

Gauthier Mfombi..the Democratic Republic of Congo handball player weighing 110 kg..and performed well..Ladite Larijim 😂😉🤪

- abd ennacer el bar (@ nasronasro1988) January 16, 2021

Gauthier Mfombi Thierry, the DRC player and participant in the World Cup in Egypt…. Despite his apparent obesity (110 kg), he managed to score 4 goals for his country and made remarkable physical effort…

- Ania El Afandi (@ Ania27El) January 16, 2021