A long, padded and especially oversized winter jacket is literally one of the hottest jacket trends this winter.

Many certainly thanked themselves for getting a sleeping bag-like jacket by January at the latest, when the frosts plunged into downright chilling readings across the country.

The plush quilted jacket can also be found in the wardrobe from Maria Veitola, known for her sparkling style.

The reporter-presenter unveiled his aniline red giant jacket on his Instagram account on Wednesday.

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- I have such an unrestrained topper, the designer of which is reportedly inspired by sumo wrestlers.

The jacket always fills the entire car, elevator, hallway, cloakroom, laundry and basement closet, which means it is not terribly practical, except when walking in snowdrifts, Veitola says in connection with the picture.

In connection with the photo, the presenter also shared with his followers the amusing opinion of his partner about the peculiarly designed jacket.

- Today Jotti walked after me and said that I look like a giant vagina walking in my jacket.

I meant to get hurt for the first time, but what the hell, the vagina is a fantastic thing, Veitola wrote.

Later, Veitola published a picture of his swimming trip in his Instagram stories.

The picture shows how the beauty of giant jackets is also their weakness: a plush jacket can be difficult to fit in a wardrobe or other space sized for a regular jacket, for example.

- Whether there is a defect (giant vagina) in the jacket or the size of the locker room, Veitola asks himself in connection with the picture.

The giant jacket is a bit impractical due to its size. Photo: Maria Veitola / Instagram

In the comments to his Instagram photo, Veitola said that he had bought his giant jacket a few years ago from an online store.

Fortunately, oversized and padded jackets can now be found in online stores in the darkest of clouds.

100 €, MonkiPicture: Monki

880 €, Filppa KPicture: Filippa K

€ 274.99, Nike Sportswear / ZalandoPicture: Zalando

€ 434.95, Marc O'Polo / ZalandoPicture: Zalando

€ 69.99, MangoPicture: Mango

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If the padded jacket doesn’t feel like your own thing, even a long woolen fabric will keep you warm.

When choosing a jacket for frostbite, you should also pay attention to the hood and high collars.

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In the frost it is now also completely allowed to throw on an old ski coverall!

The Wall Street Journal and Today, among others, have reported that the retro-inspired coverall style will once again be pleasing to many and make a comeback - whether you like it or not.

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