China News Service, Beijing, January 15 (Reporter Chen Su) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China on the 15th that the Central Agricultural Office and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs have recently issued a notice calling for the prevention and control of the epidemic in rural areas and ensuring the supply of agricultural products. Actively guide migrant workers to stay on the job site to celebrate the Spring Festival.

  On the 14th, the Central Agriculture Office and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in Rural Areas" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice").

The "Notice" pointed out that the new crown pneumonia epidemic has occurred in rural areas or urban-rural areas in Hebei, Heilongjiang and other places. The medical conditions in rural areas are poor, and the epidemic prevention capabilities and awareness are insufficient. Now it is the Spring Festival approaching, the mobility of people in rural areas is increasing, and the concentration of people is increasing. With the increase in activities, the situation of epidemic prevention and control has become more severe and complex, and the shortcomings of epidemic prevention and control in rural areas have become prominent.

  The "Notice" emphasizes that it is necessary to effectively implement the responsibilities and measures for epidemic prevention and control, guide farmers to consciously take the initiative in epidemic prevention and control, educate and guide farmers to wash their hands frequently, visit less, and not gather together, and advocate postponed wedding events, brief funerals, and no banquets. , Promote the village cleaning action extensively and deeply.

  There are nearly 300 million migrant workers in China, and there is a large-scale wave of migrant workers returning home before the Spring Festival every year.

The Spring Festival is coming. Can migrant workers return to their hometowns for the New Year this year?

  The "Notice" proposes to guide migrant workers to return to their hometowns in an orderly manner, reduce the cross-regional movement of people, and encourage employers to actively guide migrant workers to stay on the site for festivals in accordance with production needs and the wishes of migrant workers. Migrant workers with holiday needs are encouraged to carry out “point-to-point” “one-stop” transfers before and after the holiday, and guide and support returning rural migrant workers to find employment and start their businesses nearby.

It is necessary to strengthen the reserves of epidemic prevention materials in rural areas, unblock rural logistics and distribution channels, and ensure the necessities of rural life and the needs of epidemic prevention and control.

  Regarding the guarantee of the supply of agricultural products, the "Notice" requires that the supply of agricultural products in areas with high and medium risks of the epidemic should be effectively grasped to meet the living needs of urban and rural residents.

Agricultural products such as grains, oils, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, and aquatic products are included in the scope of daily necessities during the epidemic prevention and control period.

Ensure the smooth production and marketing of agricultural products to prevent sales difficulties and supply cuts.

To ensure the smooth flow of agricultural production materials, it is strictly forbidden to set up cards to intercept, arbitrarily cut off roads and block roads and block traffic without the approval of the local people's governments at the county level and above, and shall not arbitrarily use epidemic prevention as an excuse to intercept agricultural transportation vehicles.