Greetings from this bunker.

There are communists on the run with the blond Finnish lady, Laura Huhtasaari.

Fortunately, there are others here when, when we are two, we would probably end up on the altar of our lusts.

On that floor, Member of Parliament Jani Mäkelä is weaving the alphabet, when the alphabet is so dangerous that by combining them it is possible for a teacher to formulate a message for children against basic Finns.

Member of Parliament Ano Turtiainen nods when it cannot build a Lego fire truck, when after getting tired of the espionage of the Communists, “Nano” crushed all the red Legos with his fists yesterday.

After a terrible squabble, MP Ville Tavio finally got the climate tape attached to his mouth and then realized that it could not now shout that it was being censored, that is, censored.

Laura Huhtasaari is the most civilized of us when she knew how to write her master's name without copying, and it compared us yesterday to such a suttura as Anne Frank with the difference that we are not smelly commissaries.

According to Laura, Anne Frank was recognized as a communist by the fact that she was an immigrant hiding in the big luxury house she bought with Kela's daily allowance in Amsterdam.

Well there were things to it compared to us having to be able to in Pori in the basement where Laura sings Iron Maiden, but if the Nazi were at the door, there would be no fear, coffees would be offered, people we are all except communists.

When there are no windows to the outside world in this bunker, you can see everything better here.

Laura has already seen that the U.S. Congress is communist, the Coalition Party is a Communist Party, and Runeberg Day is the plot of the Communists to get us to talk tart about the proletarian revolution.

Here you can also see how Finns are being tried to become communists from an early age, and if you use the anti-Marxist dialectic in basic Finnish drunkenness, the acronym OAJ for teachers' interests comes from the words “Lenin, I would put”.

And such are allowed to teach children!

And what else is a “bench nightmare” than preparing for a society nightmare, or revolution?

When teenagers are driven on a truck platform along cities, it is a general exercise for communist conquest and tossing candies is an exercise in throwing bombs.

As Nanok well summed it up: “HH!”.

Once fortified in the bunker, you can see your fighting comrades in more detail.

All signs have begun to suggest that Laura Huhtasaari is a paratrooper, a communist spy:

By profession a teacher = a communist.

Lives in Brussels = communist.

Can pronounce espresson = communist correctly.

Has traveled the world, even though there are bars in Finland = communist.

Denies being a communist = a communist.

The author is a writer and screenwriter.