Rob Lowe, an actor living near Prince Harry, made a special revelation this week.

Lowe told The Late Late Show With James Corden that he had finally seen his blue-blooded neighbor and noticed something at the same time.

Lowe, known from the West Wing series, among others, told James Corden, who is from Britain, that he saw at a glance Prince Harry driving a car in a residential area of ​​Montecito.

- I ran into your compatriot, an English treasure, Prince Harry in red lights ten minutes ago.

He lives about a mile from me.

He has been very isolated.

Seeing him in the neighborhood was like meeting a Loch Ness monster and I finally saw him.

I finally saw him driving his car, Lowe rejoiced in Corden’s interview.

According to the people, the actor also hinted that he might have an amazing story to tell about the royal.

Namely, he had seen something different in his hair.

“It happened very, very quickly, so don’t completely trust me, but it seemed to me that he had a ponytail,” Lowe said, and continued:

- I'm just saying evil.

It seemed to me, as an ordinary bystander, that her hair had grown very long and had been pulled back tightly so that I could assume it was a ponytail.

Actress Rob Lowe lives with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in the same neighborhood in Montecito, California.Photo: Sonia Moskowitz

James Corden Lowe's gossip was not convincing.

He said he was sure that the actor's claim was not true.

- I'm sure that's not true.

Do you know what I think happened?

I guess you didn’t see Prince Harry, he shook the actor.

However, Lowe claimed he was confident in his sighting.

- Ehei, it was him, because I have to admit, I followed him to his house to see, Did the car go in, he admitted with a laugh.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan bought their new home in Montecito in the summer.

The couple has lived their last year of silence and focused on their little Archie son and charity.

They haven’t just appeared in public since leaving the British court a year ago.

Last week, it was reported that the couple has also decided to stop using social media permanently.

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This week, meanwhile, it was reported that Harry and Meghan will probably be seen in Britain in June at Queen Elizabeth’s 95th anniversary.

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