According to the Canadian TSN, the Finnish captain of the Florida Panthers, Aleksander Barkov, is the current hot topic in the NHL transfer market.

Frank Seravalli, the channel’s respected puck supplier, told Insider Trading that many clubs in recent weeks have approached Florida general manager Bill Zito with purchase pants on and asked about the situation in Barkov.

According to Seravall, Zito does not want to trade Barkov, but wants to make a follow-up deal with the player.

However, other clubs do not believe Barkov will put his name on a paper provided by Florida.

25-year-old Barkov’s current contract with Florida expires in a year and a half and he then becomes an unlimited free agent, meaning he can move for free to the address he wants.

So Zito is starting to be in a hurry to trade for his star if he doesn’t want to stay in Florida.

Bill Zito is the new GM of the Florida Panthers.

He also has a background as a player agent.

Zito once represented several Finnish stars, including Kimmo Timo and Tuukka Raskia. Photo: Vesa Rantanen

Seravalli said that a player from the Barkov camp has been signaled to the Florida club leadership that he wants to win something in Florida.

They want Zito to get the players they need and they also plan to give Zito the opportunity to make player acquisitions.

- Barkov will be a key figure in the transfer market in the coming months, Seravalli says.

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Barkov himself told Urheilulehti recently that he has not yet considered his contract situation in Florida and his future as an unrestricted free agent.

- It will definitely come up at some point and then we will think about it.

Now there have been thoughts on a whole other matter.

In how to develop as a player and athlete, Barkov said.