Rasmus Ristolainen has once again gotten into real action in the NHL.

Buffalo Sabers, represented by the Finnish defender, faced the Washington Capitals in his opening game the night before Friday.

A little different looking Ristolainen was seen in the trough than last season.

The Finnish defender is used to being seen as a silo cheek, but in a recent NHL picture, the face of 26-year-old Ristolainen is decorated with a beard.

Even her vertical hair makes her look different than before.

The changed appearance of the Finn attracted attention on social media.

Mike Pfeil edited Ristolainen’s image into a new faith and shared it on Twitter.

The image shared by Ristolainen on Instagram garnered more than a hundred comments and more than 8,500 likes in less than a day.

One fan thought that Ristolainen now looks like a familiar fist hero from the Rocky movie Ivan Drago.

And the other commentators shouted like this:

- Looks like the devil has been awakened.

- Am I the only one who thinks he looks like a bad guy in Bond?

- I can't wait for you to pour your opponents on the roof of your trough.

Buffalo lost 4-6 at the season opener to Washington.

Ristolainen worked in the trough for more than 22 minutes.

The first power points of the season have not yet emerged.