The court required him to pay 2500 dirhams

A minor commits a traffic accident .. and his father pays compensation to the injured person

The court established that the plaintiff suffered material damage as a result of damaging his car.


A partial civil court in Ras Al Khaimah obligated a Gulf father to pay a Gulf man an amount of 2,500 dirhams in compensation for the damages caused by his minor son, driving his father's vehicle and colliding with the prosecutor's car.

In detail, a Gulf person filed a civil lawsuit before a partial civil court demanding that the defendants, the father and the minor son, pay him 9850 dirhams in compensation for the damages he suffered as a result of the accident that occurred by mistake as a result of the collision of the car the minor child was driving with his car, causing damage and damage .

The Traffic Court in Ras Al Khaimah indicted the minor accused for causing the error in damaging the victim's vehicle, and incurring the price of repairing and damaging his vehicle at a value of 8800 dirhams, and his car broke down during its repair for a period of five days, at a value of up to 150 dirhams, so that the total is 750 dirhams for the days of failure, in addition to his incurring of 300 dirhams For filming the case files.

The plaintiff stated in the lawsuit newspaper that he has the right to file a lawsuit to demand compensation for the damages he suffered, and the first defendant's father is bound by it in his capacity as guardian of his son, the second defendant who caused the accident, considering that the car in which the second defendant committed the accident is owned by the father of the first defendant. Then he is liable for compensation, based on the responsibility of the guardian of things according to the law.

In the text of a partial civil judgment, the court established that the plaintiff had suffered material damage as a result of damaging his car and the cost of repairing it, to return to what it was before the accident, and that the court reassured the validity of the purchase invoice and the arrest warrant submitted by the plaintiff and what he spent on repairing his damaged car.

She added that what is proven from the report of the expert delegated by the court is that the cost of repairing the car damage is estimated at 2,050 dirhams, and therefore the first defendant is not responsible for the plaintiff’s contract to repair his car as a result of the accident in an amount that exceeds the determined limit reached by the expert by three times the amount due. Therefore, the court only takes into consideration the compensation estimate for the cost of repairing the car at 2050 dirhams.

She indicated that she is reassured that the plaintiff has suffered material damage represented in the money he spent on means of transportation to meet his needs and the expert estimated at a value of 150 dirhams, for two days, which is the period required to repair the car, and what he spent in photocopying documents and the cost of extracting them at a value of 300 dirhams, which is the total amount The compensation, estimated by the court, is 2,500 dirhams.

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