The Dakar Desert Rally, which ends today, has claimed deaths when French motorcyclist Pierre Cherpin died of his injuries on Sunday.

According to race organizers, Cherpin, 52, died when he was transferred by plane to France for treatment.

Cherpin crashed on last Sunday’s stage in Saudi Arabia.

He was driving at a speed of 178 kilometers per hour and was seriously injured.

Cherpin, who was driving in the desert rally for the fourth time, was found unconscious on the route.

He was first taken to a hospital in Zakara until he was transferred to Jeddah for treatment.

He was cut in Saudi Arabia and, according to race organizers, his condition was stable before being transferred to Lille.

Before this year’s race, Cherpin described himself as an amateur driver who wants to see areas that would not be accessible without driving.

For him, driving was a passion, but also ultimately a fatal hobby.

Also last year, the Dakar Desert Rally claimed casualties when Portuguese motorcyclist Paulo Goncalves lost his life in the race.

He was in the race for the 13th time.