Donald Trump Jr with his sister Ivanka Trump

  • US, Camera wants to question Ivanka and Donald Jr Trump

  • Usa, the House approves Trump's impeachment procedure

  • Donald Trump is off social media.

    After Twitter and Facebook, YouTube also suspends it


January 14, 2021

Washington prosecutor intends to question Donald Trump Jr

, the son of the outgoing president, about the investigation into the alleged misuse of funds for his father's inauguration ceremony in 2016,

the Washington Post reports, explaining that Trump is already been contacted.

According to the prosecutor's office, 

more than $ 1 million has been inappropriately spent

renting a ballroom at the Trump Hotel and the Inauguration Committee has settled a $ 49,000 bill that should have been paid by the Trump Organization.

Trump Jr.'s sister

Ivanka was relieved of the investigation in December

and called the investigation a "politically motivated revenge."